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The Wisdom of the Soul

Updated on October 14, 2012
Soul | Source
A Whorl as Symbol of the Exquisite Uniqueness of the Soul
A Whorl as Symbol of the Exquisite Uniqueness of the Soul | Source

“With our soul or the true self being unconditionally loving and forgiving, the best service we could give to the world is to get in touch with Soul.”

“Who am I to write about the wisdom of the soul?” was my first reaction upon receiving insight to write about this topic. So I shelved the article for a week.

Maybe indeed it was too daunting a task for me to handle. On my next weekend sitting, I was then provided another insight to help simplify the writing: present it from the perspective of the little mermaid Ariel, in the song, “Part of Your World”.

The Power of the Soul

The airport luggage conveyor machine will temporarily malfunction to cause delay, for you so that you can catch your flight.

The door of the elevator will bounce open without your pressing a button so that you can catch a lift.

The glass door security latch will click open before you’re able to swipe your access card.

The ATM machine will process your requested transaction before you’re able to completely enter the rest of your PIN.

A convenient space will be available for you as you pull in to a crowded parking lot.

“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn,

And your wound shall quickly be healed;

Your vindication shall go before you,

And the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer,

You shall cry for help, and he will say:

Here I am!

If you remove from your midst oppression,

False accusation and malicious speech;

If you bestow your bread on the hungry

And satisfy the afflicted;

Then light shall rise for you in the darkness,

And the gloom shall become for

You like midday;

Then the Lord will guide you always

And give you plenty even on the parched land.

He will renew your strength,

And you shall be like a watered garden,

Like a spring whose water never fails.” –Psalm 58:8-11

A lot of us have experienced these things.

We know that if we align ourselves more and more to the wisdom of the soul, we will get to see more and more of these magical, miraculous events in our lives.

Things happen effortlessly.

What the Wisdom of the Soul is Not About

Sages have taught truths by pointing out untruth. One way to begin to understand soul and its wisdom is to understanding what it is not. Soul is the opposite of ego. (A Quirinus hubs about the ego: Enlightenment as a One-Step Procedure)

Our willfulness gets in the way of our accessing the wisdom of the soul and enjoying the miracles that soul wants to gift us with. The opportunity for soul, its wisdom and power, to manifest in our life is inversely proportional to the size of our ego.

What the Soul Wants

“While all physical humans have access to the clear communication from the Non-Physical, most are not consciously aware of it. And often, even when you are aware that it is possible, you hold habits of thought that act as resistance hindering your ability to consciously interact. …” –Abraham/”Ask and It is Given

If we could only establish that connection, we will become aware that Soul only wants what’s best for us and we will learn to trust the moment, in every moment.

Soul Speaks to Us in Riddles: Soul Wants to Be Part of Your World

Since we are not able to communicate to our soul directly, it may speak to us in riddles or via myths, as Thomas Moore would have it. He believes in understanding incomprehensible underlying issues within a situation by following the feelings presented by a representative myth.

If Soul wants to present its wisdom in terms of the lyrics of “Part of Your World” and we take the little mermaid to be Soul speaking to us, then the title itself represents the genuine longing of the creative impulse of our soul to establish a conscious connection with us, to be able to help us be the best we could ever be:

... conducting our worldly affairs through the guidance of the Soul ...

Once we are able to establish a more conscious connection, truly we will be able to align our will with the Divine’s will because we will know how wonderful the experience is: that doing God’s will is actually our joy. Our joy is His Glory.

And as we experience joy, our soul, in mutuality, experiences it too, fulfilling the main purpose of joy in being or experiencing that is our soul’s original goal in coming to this world and manifesting in an earthly body.

The snowball effect is in place. Our experience, of joy, love, peace and harmony, just keeps getting better. Our eyes are opened to the thrill of the adventure of learning spiritual insights. And the more lessons we learn, the more doors of opportunities to learn are opened to us.

Difficult Life Lessons

This section title is the title of a separate article where I spoke of the hesitation to write about a foresight for fear the lesson may be tested in a forthcoming life experience.

Some of us may shirk from the opportunity of establishing a conscious connection with Soul and our soul, for the responsibility it entails. “The more advanced students get the more complicated lessons.” The more spiritually aware gets the more complicated challenges. Vis-à-vis, those who have had very challenging life situations have a greater opportunity for being spiritually aware, conscious or present.

The trick then, it seems, is to consider every challenge as a gift of an opportunity for a new insight to reveal itself. We will not be given lessons that are beyond our capacity to handle.

What may initially be daunting to our ego turns out to be an access point for Soul to reveal its usually unfathomable wisdom.


“Jung equates the unconscious with the soul, and so when we try to live fully consciously in an intellectually predictable world, protected from all mysteries and comfortable with conformity, we lose our everyday opportunities for the soulful life. The intellect wants to know; the soul likes to be surprised. …” –Thomas Moore


Soul in proper case may be used to refer to the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit; soul in lower case, to our individual soul. In Soul, all souls are joined together, committed to universal unconditional love and forgiveness, peace, joy and harmony.


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