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The Witchey Gift

Updated on July 27, 2016

All Hallows Eve

Pentacle artwork picture

The Gift

So the day began like every other day or so I thought it would. My morning was filled with clients who wanted readings. I seemed to have an overwhelming amount lately of people wanting readings especially wanting to contact their loved ones who have since passed over especially ones that didnt get to say good bye. I've never really had experience with this of reading before however Im always expanding, growing, wanting to learn everything there is and most importantly I had an open mind and was willing to try it. I had sought the help of my of my psychic friends she was my best friend and an expert in this area. She was thrilled I had told her the number of request for this type of reading was growing in leaps and bounds but to tell you the truth I was kind of scared and she knew it of course she did she was my best friend.

She began working with me teaching me how to develop my senses more keenly. She also told that one thing I must do is never so fear and be commanding with them. She said that will visist at the most incovienent time and during our talk she started yelling at what appeared to be no one. She said " I said not right now I am with someone" and she gave me a look. I said oh come on you just doing that for my sake and suddenly a picture went flying off the wall. I was scared to death and she just sat there and calmly but in a demanding tone said " when your done throwing you fit put the picture back and see your way out" I said more like screamed are you kidding me how can you be so calm? This doesnt happen all the time? she just smiled I said "oh no way I didnt sign up for this Im out I can't do this!!

Later that night I could hardly sleep I had thought about every thing my friend and I talked about and what I experienced today. I felt bad for storming out on her she was just trying to help which I asked for. I figured I would call her in the morning and see if she wanted to go out to lunch and to apolozie.

I still could not go to sleep though every time I closed my eyes I keep seeing the picture fly wildly off the wall.

The next morning I was so exhausted but got up anyway's I called cheryl and told her I was sorry for storming out on her the way I did and she agreed to have lunch with me. So I went about my morning and Cheryl and I met at our favorite resturant. I was a quaint little cafe with the most delicious foods we had a wonderful lunch and chatted she shared some more of her experience I told her that I just don't think I could get use to it especially things like yesterday. She told me she felt the same in the beginning but after awhile you do and in fact some of the them you get to know quit well. I told her I didnt know how she did and that maybe I should refer my clients to her. She said she would help but would really hope I had a change of heart. I told her I would have to think about it.

After our lunch we went walking in the park nearby it was a beautiful park with a river that ran through it and beautiful tree. I was a nice place to take a walk or do a little jogging. We sat down on one of the bench's over looking the river she said Im glad we're not her at night Cheryl never could stand being here at night and I never understood why but I could tell she didn't want to talk about what ever it was. I simply replied with I know.

That night in bed my mind was a lot more peaceful since I cleared the air with Cheryl but my mind also kept wondering back to the park I just couldn't stop thinking what Cheryl was so terrified about being there at night. I shook if off because I was so exhausted from the night before and closed my eyes and went to sleep

I was suddenly awoken by something that sounded like a moaning noise I tried to ignore it and turned the t.v. up a little thinking it was just my imgination it seem to get louder and I thought to myself no this is not my imagination and I remember what Cheryl told me and so I some how gathered up the courage maybe because I was so tired I don't know but I said office is closed I'll help you in the morning and a shut my eyes hoping it would go away. Then I started hearing banging noises by then fear had left and I was extremely annoyed at this point and remembered what Cheryl said about being commanding. So I stood up and I said look office is closed, I'll help you in the morning if you need to stay fine but BE QUIET!!!! well guess it wasn't happy with that cause a bottle of my favorite nail polish went flying off my night stand. I said are you threw now if you don't mind Im going to sleep. I was shaking like a leaf trying to pretend to sleep.

I got up a few hours later and not sure what I was doing I keep asking if my vistor from last night was still here there was no sign, no response. I quickly called Cheryl, she could tell I was scared to death I said just get over here now. She was there in 5 minutes flat. I told her exactly what happened, what it did and what I did and what I said. She just started laughing, I said " Are you serious right now , just what in the hell is so funny." She said Im sorry but you finally got it you had your first encounter.

What are you talking about I yelled at her what the hell is this encounter you keep referring? What ever it is I don't want it and if you had anything to do with it get rid of it tell whatever it is to leave me alone. She laughed so hard and I was getting so upset that I wanted to smack her I did not find any of this funny at all. She finally stopped laughing which was good for her sake and she sat me down and explained to me about my great grandmother her and I were friends since babies and was extremely close to my great grandmother. Cheryl became more intune to things of this nature and my grandmother knew it. By the time we finished talking I understood everything a whole lot better while I was still uneasy about the whole idea I wanted to know more. Sometimes the very thing we try our hardest to keep from is the very thing we need the most of all.

Short Story


Winter Rea

Tarot readings

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