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The Womb of God

Updated on July 2, 2016

Formless and Void/Space and Mass?

The Creation of the Womb

The recorded account of creation in Genesis says that God created the heavens and the earth. God created two things out of what? That of course would have to be out of Himself, because God was and is all that exist. As said by a prophet “ God looked within himself and created a small place called eternity, He looked inside of eternity and created a smaller place called time, He looked inside of time and created the heavens and the earth, He looked inside of the earth and created man. He breathed his life into man and man became a living soul”.
So God took of Himself and created the heavens and the earth.
If you were to look at a globe or a model of our solar system with the natural eye, you will get an idea of what the heavens and the earth look like today, but this mental image is probably not even close to what the heavens and earth looked like when He created them.

Gen 1:2 and the earth was formless and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep…

I’m not a Hebrew scholar, but my guess the above word formless would mean that the earth would be in a state of un-formability. It would be formless, and of no particular shape. It would be without form and without any ability to be formed. It had not been formed and more than likely could not be.

…And void…

I would have to believe that the word void would mean that the earth was empty of any life, or even the ability to create any life. Void, zip, nothing, just a lot of earth or mass. The earth was without life.
Although we see our heavens without any mass or earth, this we have found out is just not true. The heavens are full of earth or mass. It just has not been formed into anything. Therefore the heavens portrayed In Gen. 1:1 mean the space between the mass or earth.

Gen 1.2 cont. and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

It had face and depth. Sense it was made out of God, then it probably had the same depth as God.
The only thing was it was still dark, formless, and void. Hopeless, you might say or still, barren, no light, not even a twinkle. Lifeless and Formless, like a big glob of floating space and mass.

Passion was released into the Womb

Bring the Womb to Life

Gen 1.3 And God said “Let there be light” and there was light.

Everything came alive.
It may be a unique thing to point out that this was the first time God spoke. This is the first presence of the “word”. God created the heavens and the earth, but spoke light into it.
Could it be that God desired to speak, but as of yet had nothing or no one to speak to, so He started by creating the heavens and the earth. The writer of Genesis had awesomely deep insight into what God had done in the beginning, an insight that science is just now starting to uncover.
In the six day account of creation, it was not until the fourth day that God created the sun, moon, stars, etc. This was three days after He spoke light into the earth or mass.
The light He released on the first day was life. The light he released was passion, ability, readiness. The light he released was hope, expectation.
The light He released into the earth or mass gave the earth the ability to be formed. The earth or mass was no longer void. It was now capable of being formed into things.
The earth now had the ability to be formed even before any thing of shape was formed. Nothing you could see had been formed, yet the earth was ready. God had set the stage to start creating or speaking into His creation, His earth and the spaces around the earth were full of light.
Keep in mind that there was no form yet. The earth as we know it is not the earth I am speaking of here when I say earth. I am referring to mass. Mass had to be the first thing created along with space or the heavens.

The three things God started with ‘1. Heavens, 2.Earth, and 3. Light’ are called by science concerning the natural universe. ‘1.Space, 2. Mass and
3. Energy’.

I don’t want to bore or confuse you with science, but let me explain. The earth (probably not just our earth, but all earth) was just a bunch of mass without any ability to be formed into any thing and without any life in it. It had no ability to create life of any kind, nor ability to be formed into any shape. Every thing we see with our eyes has form, but the original mass had no form. Then the heavens or space was created to separate mass, but in the original they were not doing any separating or combining for that matter.
There needed to be an infusion of power, ability, life. There must be willingness, ability to response, desire to form. The heavens and the earth must be able to receive, desire, crave, and yearn. Thus light had to be released from the heart of God. A few facts about light. Everything operates by light, or you might say fire. Nothing in the our natural world would continue without fire. Fire is the life of everything. From the cells in all physical life to the light that I am now writing by. Even the rocks and the things we call solid are formed and changed by fire. Fire is very kin to passion and desire. Nothing changes or grows without fire.
As true as this is in the physical realm, it is also true in our soul realm. Fire is the only thing that will change us. Whether it be the fire of a hard time, or the fire of desire for a better thing or life, it is still fire that causes the change. Thus the release of light was a release of fire or passion longing to create. This is energy.
So let us see this picture. We now have the heavens and the earth with light in it. A boiling pot of space, mass and energy with nothing to do. Everything necessary to the forming and creating of life was now in the pot. I kinda picture it like a womb. Our earth to us is like a womb, it produces everything we sow into it, so the first womb was created by God was heaven and earth infused with passion to receive and form what was received.


The Word in You and the Creating Womb: Learn The Reason Everything Goes Your Way
The Word in You and the Creating Womb: Learn The Reason Everything Goes Your Way

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The Formed Womb

Time for some Fun

So after God infused the heavens and earth with life, He started sowing His word into it. For six days He spoke things into existence. God was having a blast. He now had a loving, living womb that would create anything He said. A womb that desired to do so. A womb that found its fulfillment in producing or expressing the word. Truly God was having fun and creation was having fun too. God so trusted in His creation or womb that after speaking into it for six days He stopped. He fully knew every thing He spoke would continue and continue, so He entered into His rest. Sitting back and enjoying creation bringing to pass over and over again the things He set in place or in motion. You might say He could make any thing else He wanted to, but why, it was perfect or “Good” now. Over and over again God said it was good while He was speaking into His womb or creation. You might say that God took one of His own ribs and created a help meet, suitable to Him, His creation or universe. He loved it and it responded perfectly to Him. It was and is ’awesome’.
The Word of God loves the Womb and the Womb of God loves the Word.

Gen 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

God uses this same pattern of sowing and growing (and reaping) in everything He does.
In all animals or mammals there is male and female, or seed and womb. This is called the law of sowing and reaping, or the law of gender. The seed carries the DNA or the blueprint of what the finished product is supposed to look like, the womb takes the blueprint and forms it to perfect detail, fulfilling every thing that the seed calls for.
So the Word provides the blueprint and Creation (the womb) forms it.

This womb and its attributes are called many different things by religion, scientist, mystics, new age thinkers, meta physicians, and writers of success literature, etc.. These are some of the names that have to do with this life filled womb; creation, the universe, universal mind, divine mind, universal substance, the ether, energy and atoms.. And many more. Most of these are not a contradiction of truth, they are merely coming at the subject from different angles and are only trying to explain something they see in the best way they know how.
It may be a shock or stretch for us to see this womb as universal mind. Let me explain this by using the farmer. When a farmer sows his seeds into the ground, he forgets about it for a time, only checking on it from time to time to see it break ground and come forth. The seed of course has the blueprint of finished product written within itself. But the seed has no resources to grow itself into what it is meant to be. It submits itself to the ground or dirt. The ground not only welcomes it, but searches it out to find what type of seed it is. The ground needs to provide the proper resources such as minerals, moisture, and substance for the growth of the plant, or the blueprint the seed has provided. Thus the ground or creation has mind in order to complete the task it has been handed. A root system as it continues to grow will seek out and find any water pockets that may be close to it. It may smell, taste, feel, or sense (who knows) to find what the plant needs to continue its growth, but it will search within its own storehouse.This is the light or passion that was released by the Father and it is mind, and a very passionate mind at the least.The seed cry's to be formed and the womb yearns to form.
This living play doe will complete perfectly any task a seed submits to it. This womb will not question or judge the seed sown into it. If left alone with the seed, the outcome will be just as the seeds’ attributes declare it to be, no less and no more.


Refer to the Living Play Dough Video in my hub of the same title

© 2014 Tony L Smith


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    • Tony L Smith profile image

      Tony L Smith 3 years ago from Macon

      thank you Tamarajo. I glad you enjoyed it.

      Bless you

    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 3 years ago

      I enjoyed your article on the womb of God. The science aspect was not boring at all. The intelligence of God exhibited in all that He has made never ceases to amaze me.

      A thought provoking presentation.