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It's Time to Wake Up

Updated on December 4, 2012

"Enlightenment means waking up to what you truly are and then being it." ~Adyashanti

Transformation | Source
Connecting with our true nature.
Connecting with our true nature. | Source

Friends Sharing Inspiring Words

“IT’S ABOUT TIME WE WOKE UP!” stated an excited woman in her sixties.

This was said after the showing of the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” This film was turned down by Hollywood. They said that nobody would be interested in this type of film. Boy, were they wrong! This film turned about to be one of the most successful documentaries of all time. In fact, due to its popularity, the filmmakers made an expanded version of this film. The film introduces Quantum Physics to the masses. The film links this cutting edge science to spirituality, confirming the fact that we are all connected. We are all One. The work of Dr. Emoto shows that our thoughts and emotions affect matter.

We can use this truth to awaken ourselves and the world.

Over the last few decades, I have been noticing more and more people waking up. These individuals are no longer buying into the concept of being separate from one another. In the 1980s, I was very fortunate to have discovered the important work of Dr. Leo Buscaglia from a high school teacher. This gentleman traveled the world teaching people about love. He truly believed that we were on this Earth plain to love one another. At this time, I saw many self-help books flood the bookstore’s shelves. People were very interested in getting in touch with themselves. After all, we are told by many wise folks that the first relationship begins with our self. Once this connection is made, it is much easier to connect with others. On the other hand, it is hard to see that life is interconnected when you are disconnected from your soul.

If we look at this awakening that has been happening across the planet, we see that it has been happening over a long stretch of time. It may have been only a few across the globe that spoke of Unity Consciousness in the early days. However, the number of people that are waking up in more recent times is steadily growing by the day. People are no longer buying into the concept that we are only biological machines. Instead, there is this realization that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. In truth, we are eternal beings. The body is merely a shell. However, people are imprisoned when they buy into the concept of being only a body with a mind. They believe they have to have certain things in order to be happy. They let society dictate who they are. They cannot understand why they are not happy, but continue a fruitless search for the perfect material object.

If we look at this awakening from a historical perspective, we can see that we have come a long way. Our past is filled with so much bloodshed and war that it is a miracle that we are still alive as a species. The 20th century saw some of the worst bloodshed in human history. Millions upon millions of people lost their lives. There was even an attempt at genocide by a dark few. However, in the 1960s, there was a major shift in consciousness. Many people no longer wanted war. The songs that filled the airwaves were of love and peace.

Although the 1960s did not put an end to war, there was definitely a shift in the consciousness of the people. The seeds of love were being planted.

The 1980s may have been labeled a “material” decade, but there were several music artists and bands that were raising the consciousness of the planet with their songs. The song “In the Name of Love” by U2 took the world by storm with the song’s powerful message of love, inspired by the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while the Australian group, Midnight Oil, was raising our awareness about the rights of the people.

In the 1990s, I noticed a shift in the movies that were being put out. Not all of them were mindless entertainment. Some of these films spoke directly to the heart and soul. I also saw many spiritual books hit the New York Times Bestseller list. It was loud and clear that people were hungry for this. It was food for the soul. There was also a huge growth in Alternative Medicine. People wanted therapies that did not just prescribe drugs that only masked the symptoms. They wanted to know the cause of their illness.

What made these therapies so special is the fact that they recognized our spiritual nature.

In the 2000s, the internet has tremendously helped to expedite the awakening of the world. The internet, not only allows us to connect to the world, it has connected us to each other. I am truly grateful that it has allowed me to connect with some amazing souls. In addition, we have access to information that was virtually impossible in the past. We can also explore cultures, alternative therapies, and spiritual traditions from around the world. There are a plethora of tools and resources on the net that can help in our awakening process. Plus, there are a growing number of groups that one can join.

I believe it is only a matter of time before the entire world awakens. Once we reach Critical Mass, everyone will be demonstrating Unity Consciousness.


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    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I find this article to be heartwarming and thought provoking. It made me ask if my whole being is already awake or am I still in slumber? :) Thank you Terry for writing this. I pray that we find the way to enlightenment by waking up. To unity consciousness. :)

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 5 years ago

      It is wonderful the way more and more people are 'waking' up...what's even more wonderful is the way they seem to be drawn to each other...whichever corner of the world they might find themselves in! :)

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      StaceyCCVC, thank you very much for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

    • StaceyCCVC profile image

      Stacey Cogswell 5 years ago from Wilmington, NC

      Inspiring - nice article

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Marie, I greatly appreciate the kind words. I am also noticing more and more young people that are displaying an incredible amount of wisdom. It is absolutely amazing and inspiring. That is very inspiring to hear about the African woman and her incredible wisdom. It looks like we all thought the video was a good match for the article. I love how Hubpages let's you incorporate different forms of media into one's hub. That you very much for voting it up and sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

    • Terry27 profile image

      Terry Fatland 5 years ago from Southern California

      Erishka, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your thoughts. I thank you for doing your part in raising consciousness. I also thought the video would complement the article, since it is inspirational and inspiring.

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Terry, this is beautifully written as Eriskha commented. I too see people becoming more and more aware and I have seen it in the very young. I met an African woman who is only 22 and she has the wisdom of an old, old soul. I was floored when I found out her age as her articles and her comments in my blog come from a deep place.

      I have rated this up, shared in Twitter and will share in Facebook!

    • profile image

      Erishka Fridman-Catt 5 years ago

      This is very beautifully written article which raises awareness of the collective about the importance of people waking up as individuals. Video complements the article beautifully