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The World's Exorcists

Updated on February 24, 2011

Priests in the limelight!

Lately, the world's cinema has been screening angelicly demonic movies. Famous movies one may have heard or seen are The Exorcist, Emily Rose, Constantine, Stigmata and many more.

Most of these movies were inspired by true, events while the rest, I must say, brilliantly done.

Constantine, my all time favourite heaven and hell movie. Not only because the movie stars Keanu Reeves but it's the storyline that makes me believe that perhaps someone does live the life Constantine lives. With how the world is right now, nothing is impossible.

Do you still remember the movie, Emily Rose? Or perhaps, Requiem? The real Emily Rose is Anneliese Michel. A German lady who had suffered demonic attacks in her mid teen years till the age of twenty three, when her life was taken due to malnutrition - starvation and dehydration. The priest who performed the exorcism is Father Ernst Alt. He is still alive as of now. His whereabouts are unknown.

The Rite tells a story about a Priest who doesn't believe in what a priest should believe in. It is uncertain and unknown as to whether the exorcism in the movie relates to Father Gary Thomas' real life experience which made him believe that there IS a God looking after us all and that the devil does exist. If so, who and what happened to the girl whom we only know as Rosaria?

I believe in the near future, we will see another movie on exorcism again. This time, the movie may feature the life of Father Gabriele Amorth. Father Gabriele Amorth is an Italian Roman Catholic who has served the church since 1954 till this very day. He is known for his expertise in exorcism. You can say that he's a ghost buster. But will there ever be a movie on this great guy?

Let's see what the future holds.


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