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The Yearlong Horoscope of Pisces for 2018

Updated on January 9, 2018

The new year brings with it a multitude of expectations with it. Many of you emphatic, selfless and intuitive Pisces would want to learn what 2018 has in store for you. Here is a yearly horoscope for you to reflect upon.


We understand that 2017 might have been a hectic year for most of you. It is vital to go into the new year feeling a bit fresh. We would recommend a little break to gather your energy. In order to make the most of the year ahead try to rejuvenate your energy, get some rest and charge up. It is important that you reconsider your strengths, find out what means the most to you. Try building up focus, whilst not draining you, by being around others. Take some “me-time”; go on a vacation with your family and friends or try meditation by yourself.


Some of you might feel hurt or sad, things might go a bit rough for you Pisces; however, it is pertinent to remain gentle with yourself. We understand it might be frustrating and you might have to experience feelings of discontent when things might not work out for you. These might be things to which you have devoted a considerable amount of your time and effort-perhaps a job, or a project. You might not be able to reap the full benefits. Maybe, your relationship might be going through a rough patch. Nevertheless, it is productive to look within, to give your own-self some time and energy. Try reconsidering your decisions and choices. Questioning yourself might help, try asking yourself: “Have I devoted my time and effort in the correct place? Is this thing right for me?”

Try to connect the dots with your higher self, your true being. It might dawn unto you that something you did was not really falling in line. It could be anything from people, love, relationships, and friendships, something in your practical life. Try realigning yourself. It might be hard to get back on track, but follow your dreams and select your priorities. February is the time to recollect all your energy, to realign. Try to contemplate and follow what you really want. Follow your heart and soul. It is vital to have faith in yourself; retain trust in your abilities in order to overcome the obstacles with ease and grace. Pisces should not try too hard, as mentioned before, be gentle with you through these dim times.


Whilst February was a time of contemplation and finding out what went out of line, March is all about going with the flow for Pisces. When we do a thing, which is not aligned, most of us go through the process of forcing it to happen. Try to let go and go with the flow. This month is all about letting go and reconnecting. March can help Pisces to get back up, gather their strengths and overcome the obstacles. Most of you would feel creative; try to utilize all the positivity to your advantage. This time period would be a highly inspirational and intuitive one for you, so if you are an artist, you might want to use this opportunity to produce a masterpiece.

It is pertinent to remember that many things happen behind the scenes. March is a time when the universe will toil for you, trying to make things happen, to help you succeed. It is important to retain your calm and patience and have faith in the stars. Consider this a turning point, your stars might be steering you towards success. Try not to succumb to the negatives. We understand it can be frustrating when you do not get what you wish for, but March is all about of letting go of the vain, pointless ideas and recollecting yourself. Try going with the flow, which shall certainly set you up for success in the near future.


The first three months of 2018 might not have been rewarding. Brace yourself Pisces, April might be your first taste at success: the first of many more blissful months to follow. After a small blip during the first quarter, you would be able to attain worldly success. April might reward you with something you have been yearning and working for. This could be a job, a house, an increase in material possessions, or success in studies. You certainly shall reap the rewards. For most of you, this will be a period of utter joy as you gain recognition for your efforts. If this is not you, then this might mean success for someone who holds great significance for you, perhaps your partner, parents, children, siblings and other close family. The person who has been supporting you and imparted practical advice to you might also be able to attain success. What better thing than to bring good luck to others around you? Indeed Pisces would prove to be a good-luck charm for others if they do not achieve marked success during this period.


May is yet another auspicious month for you. Pisces will certainly get what they deserve during this time. You will be rewarded for anything in which you have put genuine effort. This might be a job promotion, a relationship, business, or your studies. Feelings of accomplishment and achievement would surely run high. We recommend that this might be a good time to invest in your business or elsewhere. Those of you who have been waiting to get loans, now is the best time to apply for them. Others, who have lent money, expect that the borrowers to return it back to you pretty soon. May is a ripe time to get a few lottery tickets and testing your luck.


For most of you, the good luck would continue through June. If things do get a bit wobbly, do not worry. A father figure would come to your rescue. You will come across a loving, giving and nurturing personality who would impart loyal and impartial advice to you. Not only that, they might be able to present an offer, maybe a new job, or their endless support, help and guidance at your disposal. Try to make the most of this time. Following your father’s advice might bear fruit for most of you, Pisces. Make sure that you proceed with positive vibes and keep them kindled as you enter July.


July is a time filled with positive success. For most of you, Pisces, things would shift in your favor. This involves the wrapping up of something significant and the opening up of new avenues. You might move elsewhere, or get a new job: somewhere with more benefits and a better pay scale. July would be a time filled with good luck and good fortune. You are bound to enjoy success in both your practical and personal life. Most of you might be able to form a very solid relationship and bond, something which might go on to last an eternity. For those of you who are waiting for the right time to propose to the love of your life, there might not be a more appropriate time than this. You can discover the new openings in your life with your significant other. For those who have already found a soul mate, you might see your relationships strengthened.


August is full of hope, optimism, good luck, joy and celebration. Most of your souls would nurture an upbeat feeling. Pisces are bound to remain amenable throughout August. Some of you might get to travel to warm and sunny areas. Those of you who have saved up to satisfy your inner tourist and desire to visit exotic areas, August should be perfect time. For your stars would line up to take you to Havana or Seychelles. Make the most out of this time. Others might not be able travel. This is probably because some of you might welcome children into your respective families. Most of you would welcome these additions to your families with great zest and zeal. Indeed, August would be a time full of joy and good fortunes. Those who are not welcoming children, can expect to get a job working with children or babies. All the aspiring teachers try to polish your résumés so that you can get your dream job.


September brings more good luck for you, Pisces. It might be able to bring you a great deal closer to your dreams or might earn you something, highly rewarding. Most of you will receive very important information, which you will be able to process to your own benefit. This might come from any source. Yet it would be able to provide you with the answers to your puzzles. The information might help you overcome a number of hurdles, which you were struggling with, previously. It is pertinent to note that all this would trigger a number of life-changing events. All the positive information could help you earn material possessions or a promotion you toiled to attain. You might enjoy considerable success at work or your business with the help of all the vital information. Those of you, who wish to sell their property, might end up with a good deal, around this time of the year. So come September, gather all your energies and try to process the entire positive and the well-intended information to make the most out of it.


October would be a highly productive month for you. Most of you will be able to channel your energies in a single direction to achieve your dreams and goals. Many of you would be able to retain your focus and use it in a productive manner to fulfill all your desires. Furthermore, different dreams and desires would manifest themselves throughout this period. These will drive you to strive for greater success and increase your productivity. Many of you would want to tussle to gain success and fulfill these newfound desires. You might as well carry them into the next year. Along with this, most of you would attain recognition for all the hard work you have put in throughout the year. This highly productive month might see the fulfillment of most of your desires. Many of you would also get unflinching help and support from your family and friends. Others might be able to explore new avenues, with new job openings; some of them, they had been yearning to get their hand on.


Pisces are bound to undergo major transformations in their life during this month. These transformations would bring an overall positive impact in your life. Most of you would have the chance to reach the pinnacles of success. So set the sky as your limit and work hard, you will surely be able to reap all the benefits. You might be able to fulfill most of your dreams and everything you worked towards might come to you. This transformation might also be a huge one, and you might finally get something to which you have devoted a lot of time to. This could mean a relationship you have worked so hard to build, or a job letter you strove for, perhaps even an excellent overall grade in your studies. Some of you, on the other hand, might experience some form of hindrance. This is probably because of the things, which you are supposed to leave but have not done so yet. It could be anything from a bad habit, to a poisonous relationship. Try your utmost to relieve your mind off the burdens which might be troublesome and hindering your abilities to succeed.


As the year closes, most of you would have achieved what you wished to attain. Others might embark on a journey to open new doors and discover new horizons as you go into the next year, with more dreams and determination to fulfill them. Unravel your inner feelings; contemplate over the things and goals, which you wish to achieve with all your heart and soul. Some of you might feel exhausted, look inside yourself and retain your faith in your abilities. Do not doubt yourself. If you have not been able to achieve some goal in specific, remain patient and persevere. Always remember that it might take time, but the stars will surely line up to get you that thing you yearn and tussle for. Try to end the year on a positive note and make the most out of it.

Although the year did not start of that good for you, the universe stepped in and most of you would be able to have an incredible year ahead. Many of you will enjoy material and personal success throughout the year. Try not to doubt any of your abilities, for you will surely be rewarded, even if it takes a little time. Always remember that you can overcome any obstacle, which you encounter. If you feel drained, it is vital to take a break and once you have reconsidered your choices, try to rectify them and go with the flow. Indeed, the universe toils to bring the best to you. We hope you make the most out of the year ahead.


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