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The Adoption of Veda in Everyday Life Will Bring Overall Prosperity and Peace of the World!

Updated on July 14, 2017

The effects of Veda chants!

Senses exert their pull on man like gravity on earth!

The senses attract human beings with more force than the gravity exert on everything on earth. The gravity cannot be sidelined in the affairs of earth! Everything is affected by gravitational force. In autumn, we witness even small leaves fall from tall trees. They are automatically pulled towards the ground though they may drift here and there due to wind. Ultimately all fallen leaves reach the ground. Can anyone escape gravity? Of course, the space scientists have invented powerful rockets to carry satellites beyond the gravitational pull of earth. Hence the satellites were placed high on space so that they communicate with the earth and assist people in communication across the globe and TV transmissions. Besides the above functions, they carry different types of surveys like the climate, ocean tides, navigation of various vessels on the ocean including mapping the earth for different purposes like soil classification, area of ice in Antarctic, global pollutions, vegetations, meteorological forecasts etc. In addition, communication satellites also are fitted with huge telescopes to explore the space!
In a similar way, though the senses exert their pull on each human beings and other species of life, human beings have the capacity to go beyond the sensual attractions, by following certain spiritual disciplines and adopting righteous ways of living! How the senses bind us? They act through the medium of mind. If we can cut the connection of senses with the mind, we are half way successful. Then the mind element has to be relinquished. Mind is nothing but the warp and woof of thoughts. If we can remain indifferent to the thoughts, mind can not hold us in sway for a long time. But we have to be persistent in not recognizing any thoughts that arise in us. We must remain as an observer of thoughts and we should never associate with the thoughts. We can become ‘observer’ by remaining aloof from the thought pattern. We must stand apart from the thought process. Many may wonder how it is possible. Be a witness to your thoughts, observe them without any interest. Do not recognize the thoughts. Once we show interest, the thoughts will hold sway on us. Hence never go near, stand apart as in the case of electric current. We may benefit from the current in myriads of ways but a sane adult will never touch a live wire, otherwise he will be reduced to ashes! Hence do not go near and mix with the thoughts’ Once we develop comradeship with mind, our life is doomed forever!

Peace chant!

Mind is essential only for leading life on earth!

No doubt, for living earthly life, mind is an inevitable instrument. Use it only for the purpose required. For instance, I am typing this post and without the involvement of mind, it is not possible. Hence I am using the mind for concentration and focus in typing the post. The dictation part comes from the brain through the mind and the fingers are activated to type! For the above to take place, I must be conversant with the keyboard and computer. I must know to edit and format the word document. These abilities come from practicing typing, handling a word document and manipulating it to my requirement using the various facilities available in the word program. A nuance can neither operate the computer nor type documents in it nor upload it to hub pages. By persistent practice, one learns all the skills. In this connection our brain is a best coordinator. The eyes looks at the monitor even while I type the sentences, correct them wherever required. The brain beautifully co-ordinate all these functions.

In a similar manner, our intellect could be trained to take over the command from the unsteady mind and our inner self through intuition and inspiration enable us to bypass the mind through meditation and chanting of names of Divine. Just like the rocket gain power against the gravity to move upwards in the space with the help of rocket fuel till it crosses the gravitational barrier, our intuition will guide the intellect to pursue spiritual disciplines with one pointed focus. Sounds have powers and words are nothing but combination of sounds in different manner. Our ancients have invented beneficial sounds and they have formulated potent chants by the combining effects of different sounds. Hence chanting of god’s name definitely disinfect the atmosphere polluted by anger and greed!

The revival of Veda practice is very urgent for global peace!

Veda sounds were received by the seers and sages and they have stored them in their memory and passed on to their disciples by words of mouth. The sanctity of the sounds was thus preserved for many thousands of years. Also there was no facility for writing them since the pronunciations could never be brought in writing and the Veda invariably depend on correct pronunciation and intonations. When chanted correctly, these sounds create harmonious vibrations in the atmosphere as well as in the human mind. Disinfection of the earth atmosphere is the most essential necessity for the entire living beings. The Veda practitioners enabled such useful deeds for several thousand years. Hence the earth and heaven prospered. In addition, the fire rituals meant for the welfare of the community was frequently conducted by the Kings with eminent rithwiks who are well trained in this aspect. Cow’s ghee, grains, fruits, flowers and many auspicious sacred materials were poured into the ritual fire pit with appropriate Vedic formulae. The fire god dutifully conveyed such sacrifices to the respective gods who blessed humanity with copious and timely rain. Thus all communities prospered when Veda was honored with practice. Today, such elaborate rituals dwindled due to non adoption even by the knowledgeable pundits. However many saints and sages of the present time emphasized the importance of Vedic chants for the welfare of the world communities. Slowly, the practice is again picking up and it is not rare that even many aspirants in Western countries took up the practice of Veda recitation and Gayathri. It will usher global harmony and peace slowly. In fact, Veda belongs to entire globe and everyone is entitled to chant them after learning them from experts! Man can get released from mundane life of senses and move towards his true heritage which is Divine!

Veda is the breath of God!

Do you believe that revival of Veda will ensure world peace and harmony?

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