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The Adoption of a New Religion in the Life of Nations, Belief, Thinking, and Life Change Protection

Updated on December 10, 2019

Islam and Turks

Considering the historical examples of the protection of nations, their progress at a new speed or their shaking of their bodies, or even losing their national identity, it can be clearly seen how effective such an event is on the reality of the nations It is possible to see all the changes in national history in detail.

Throughout their history, the Turks have accepted religions such as Buddhism, Manichaeism, Judaism, and Christianity both in Turkestan and in various countries where they spread, but these religions were partially accepted and preserved their large mass national religions.

The Turkish tribes, who accepted these religions in a short time, were condemned to lose their national culture due to the fact that the principles of these religions, which were accepted by the Turks in part, conformed to their national structures. He had given a new spirit and strength, and was one of the main reasons for the establishment and survival of large and long-lived states, from the Asian steppes to Europe.

The first regions of Islam

The spread of Islam in the period of the Prophet Muhammad
The spread of Islam in the period of the Prophet Muhammad

Introduction to Islam

In terms of the great and positive results it has produced, unlike its entry into other religions and civilizations, collective entry to Islam is not only a turning point in Turkish and Islamic history, but also carries a period to be considered one of the greatest events in world history.

Turks contacted Islam during their first conquest

Turks entered Islam in the 10th century in large groups and Islamic religion was considered a national religion. The struggles ended because of the changes that occurred.

The Abbasid state and the caliphate rose on the shoulders of the Iranians, the Sogds and the Turks.

The Arabs and the Persians had exhausted each other during the long struggles, the first was essentially a fatigue of dominance of almost two centuries, and the second was the exhaustion of the new power struggle, which was successful after a period of two centuries of dormancy, followed by a period of lethargy following hundreds of years. Within.

They Müeses

In the middle there was a huge state established with all the institutions i in the background of the struggle for power within the Islamic state, two separate tribes, Turks and barbers are essentially separated from each other by the two halves of the great Islamic world were put forward in this favorable opportunities and victory And manifested in favor of the Turks.

The sons of Tolun, a Turkish state

Tolun sons state
Tolun sons state

Founder of the state of Tolun's son, Ahmet the son of Tolun

Ahmet, son of Tolun, was born in Baghdad, his father Tolun was known with the knowledge and courage of the Caliph Mu'tasım in the time of the Caliph Mu'tasım, his son had the same qualities, he was very well educated and went to Tarsus to increase his knowledge and experience. It was a place where well-known scholars lived, where free discussions on various subjects took place.

Tarsus was also of military importance.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of the environment, the son of Tolun had shown his maturity and reliability at a young age, the caliph who had been removed from his office had asked him to be given as his guard because of these characteristics, and when the new caliph sent the order to kill the old caliph, the son of Tolun had not listened to it. With this behavior, the reputation of the palace notables and commanders increased even more.

Union of Turkish States

Semi-independent Turkish states in Asia
Semi-independent Turkish states in Asia

Seljuk state commanders

Seljuk bey
Seljuk bey

A thousand horsemen and we were like kids

Turkish army and commander-in-chief going to war
Turkish army and commander-in-chief going to war

Turkish governors of Egypt

In Egypt, before the governors of Turkish origin had served, they had brought a large number of Turkish soldiers to Egypt, so, after samarra, Egypt was the second region where the Turkish troops were concentrated, although with strong military support, His son Ahmet also had some obstacles, mainly the administration of the country separately in administrative and financial terms, and his son Ahmet, who wanted to put an end to this situation, took measures against the Ibn Mübirbüker at the head of the finances. Reported.

However, his son Ahmet managed to remove him again.


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