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The ancient seers have shown us a way out from this mundane existence.

Updated on September 12, 2014

They all taught us freedom from misery!

The Seers have genuine concern for erring humanity!

Our ancient seers have revealed many spiritual truths to humanity not for gaining any personal gains or fame. They were absolutely selfless and their sole motive is to guide the ignorant people, on the royal path towards Self-Realization. Yes, we have all forgotten our own value in the quest for material wealth and momentary pleasures and comforts. Everything in the world gained value while human beings lost their value. It is we who assign values to things. In this process we have degraded our own value. Everyone in this world is a treasure house. But unaware of the treasure box within us, we were searching for paltry tinsels and trash from the external world. This is the paradox of life really.

There is no dearth of spiritual philosophies and scriptures. Nobody needs to search for them in any book stalls. From anywhere we can access them in the net. Many books are available online for free reading. Still people are unable to come out of their grief and pain since there is no clarity in their mind as to the goal of human life. Generations after generations take birth, grow, marry, begets children, earn wealth and properties and finally become old and die! Can we call it as a meaningful existence? Even an insect is born, eat, mate and sleep and finally die. Then we could have remained as insects instead of becoming a human being with a thinking mind and intellectual facilities. Definitely we are not here for such mundane existence like animals, birds and insects. Our destiny is to know our real identity and act accordingly. Hence the ancient seers, foreseeing the future of human race devised many a plan to inculcate knowledge and wisdom in them.

But, man has become lethargic and he is fond of the earthly pleasures than the heavenly destiny. He has become lazy and easy going. He never wants to exert himself in any tedious practices, that spirituality demands. He should possess the right intentions, initiative and efforts. Then only he can succeed in any efforts. Even for earning money, we need to work hard with one pointed attention. How much more efforts we need to put in for the most valuable treasure in the universe? Many may not believe that we had millions of births before on earth. After being born on earth every time, our past memory is completely erased. Nowadays during the computer age, we are apt to believe about erasing memory etc. As we take each birth, we become fresh and new without recollecting anything of the past. This is really a boon to humanity. We are not able to bear the troubles and travails of one birth. If we are able to recollect the past births, for how many of your families you will take the burden and worry of their welfare? Hence there is cut off, once we incarnate in a new body. Some religions may not believe in reincarnation or rebirth. They think that with one birth, everything is over. This cannot be logically proved. Every debt of man has to be repaid if not in one birth, in the succeeding births. Circumstances may so prevail that we settle the debt in some form to the other person. He also need not be in the same body. He may be born as our son or daughter and for taking care, one has to spend. Hence none is bothered since we consider it as our legitimate duty to take care of children.

In this connection, I am reminded of a beautiful story I have read in Sai Sat charita, a compendium of life and teachings of a great saint of 20th century who lived in a remote obscure village and taught his devotees, their legitimate duties and their destiny. In that book, there is a story of a tiger kept in a cage kept by its owners. They used to take it through villages and exhibit to the children and elders and earned a few rupees in the process. After few years, the tiger has become very old and was suffering from some disease. The keepers took the cage in a cart and brought it in the presence of Saibaba. Saibaba has looked into the eyes of the tiger and instantly, the tiger fell down and died. The keepers then thought that the tiger was really lucky to shed its life in front of a saint. Also they understood that the tiger was indebted to them in previous life and once its debt is cleared to the keepers, it left. This is the fundamental truth with all life. Unless there is a previous connection, none goes anywhere nor will anybody come to us. It is all a great mystery how providence settles things and makes us free. This will show us that life is a continuous journey till we attain independence from cause and effects. We all started our journey as mere minerals and progressed through many lives like minerals to plants, plants to birds and then to animals. Finally we got the precious human birth and as human being also, we underwent many a life till we evolved higher and higher to reach God through Self-Realization!


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