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The answer lies in Chocolate, Family, and Electron

Updated on April 1, 2012

Many questions have been asked about some different matters about Islam and its bases. It is a fact when one asks something, they need a good and wise answer to believe it. I am going to mention some of such questions with their wise responses about some matters.


A Muslim man was asked by a non-Muslim one about Hejab in Islam. He was wondering why Muslim women have to cover themselves with Hijab in public. The following conversation took place between them about this topic:

Non-Muslim man: Why do Muslim women have to wear and cover themselves with Hijab?

The Muslim man took two bars of chocolate, uncovered one and threw it on the floor, and said:

‘’ If I give you the choice to choose one of these, which one are you going to eat: the covered one or the one on the floor?’’

Soon the Non-Muslim man replied: Of course the covered one.

Muslim man: Thus. This world is dirty. If our women do not cover themselves they will be like this chocolate.


Another story happened between other two men, when the non-Muslim man asked the Muslim one about not drinking beer. Here is the conversation:

Non-Muslim man: I have heard that you, Muslims, eat apples but do not drink beer though it comes from apples.

Muslim man: Can you bring your wife and daughter, please?

Non-Muslim man: Sure.

After he brought his wife and daughter:

Muslim man: Why is your wife allowed to you but your daughter is not, while this one is from that? (Referring to the man’s daughter)


Many people have asked about God and how can others believe in Him while they can not see Him.

A wise Muslim man answered them in a very good way.

He simply asked another question as a reply saying:

How can you believe that there is something called Electron while you can not see it?

Thus, there are many convincing answers for such matters. Allah is always there with His worshippers. It is not late,…. not yet.


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    • nawal alkathery profile image

      nawal alkathery 6 years ago

      Thank you ^_^

    • profile image

      Mugaahed Alfutaahy 6 years ago

      What a beautiful story this is....

      I like it so much...

      Very truly written ...

      Very good writer sister..

      Thank you so much for sharing this nice article....

      wish you all the best Nawal.. :)