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The argument for and against Fate and Freewill.

Updated on July 27, 2016

Thoughts on destiny..

Fate is not a steel jacket to be worn!

There are two kinds of argument going on regarding fate and freewill. I have already posted one or two articles in this forum. Fate is not a ‘steel jacket’ worn by all. Also, freewill is not free as we assume! There is always intermingling of fate and freewill in human life. Of course, other species are excluded from this argument since they have no free thinking mind or choice making capabilities. Only, if we go through the life of a human being, we can deliberate on fate or freewill.

In the beginning, god has created all other species with specific qualities! All living things from insects to elephants lead their life by following their instincts. These instincts are more or like, common to each individual species. They eat when they feel hungry, drink when they are thirsty and safeguard their group from attacks from other animals including mankind. Each species of life follow a fixed way of life, which are same for millions of years. You cannot make a lion to eat grass, nor can you make a cow to eat flesh! There are certain animals which eats both vegetarian as well as flesh like the bear. Thus, all the eighty four lakhs of varieties of lives lead their life without any marked variations in their habits.

Jaggi asks vital question!

God has blessed human beings with a thinking mind and discriminating intellect.

The creator, it seems was not satisfied with his creation of so many species, which has no awe or appreciation about the creation or god! Hence, god has created a human being and blessed him with a thinking mind, reasoning faculty and discriminative ability. Man alone can choose his actions among the eighty four lakhs of species! Having given man, the great power of thinking and choosing, god has enjoined on human beings the law of retribution! Whatever act man does out of his freewill, he has to bear the effects without fail. This law is irrevocable. Other species acts on instincts and hence they don’t gather sin or merit. We cannot produce a lion in a court of law for killing human beings! At the same time, if a human being inflicts even a minor injury on other human beings, he will be tried in a court of law and he will be punished! Having said thus, if somebody says that everything in this world is predetermined, we cannot accept that theory!

Having granted thinking and discriminating faculties to human beings, why should god deprive of them to exercise their own sweet will? If there is fate, then the laws of fate go against the freewill theory granted to human beings, is it not?

Outwardly, this argument holds good but if we think deep, there is an element which binds every human being inextricably to certain kind of ‘pre-determinism’. We are aware that in this physical world, every action rebounds. If I hit a table hard with my hand, the table would have dealt an equal blow to my hand! Every action gets an equal and opposite reaction as per Newton’s theory! No action gets nullified on its own! In a similar way, there are set of rules for human beings to follow! These rules are spelled out in every religious scripture. Jesus has taught his disciples certain rules. “All are One, Be alike to everyone! If someone slaps you on the left cheek, show him the right cheek also. Forgive seventy times seven! Do not steal, do not lie or covet other’s wife! Like that there were many rules like, “respect your parents and treat them well, Give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty and show him a place to sleep. Give the needy to cover their body during cold season. Wherever he went he taught the people many truths. Those who believed him were cured of their ailments, blindness and deafness. The mute was able to speak. The handicapped were able to walk. Is it against the laws of god? NO, never! Jesus was specifically sent by the Father in Heaven to teach mankind, the ways to lead our life on earth!

The good shepherd

The advent of Jesus is for guiding the erring humanity!

His teachings contradicted the materialistic mindset of the powerful priests and rulers. They planned to remove him from the country. Hence, false charges were brought against him and the king reluctantly was made to pronounce crucifixion for no sin of Jesus. He illumined the mind of materialistic people. He helped many people who had perfect faith in his teachings. He fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and five fishes. He resurrected Lazarus from death bed! What is the task Jesus undertaken in spite of risk of his own life? People at that time were leading a blind life like the animals. There were no morals to guide them. The wealthy usurped the properties of poor illegally and forcefully. The wealthy were indulging in drinks and banal pastime. They were keeping many concubines to entertain them. Even some rich women were secretly entertaining other guests when their husbands were away. No moral qualms for any sinful activities. Most of the people were leading animal life with the sole aim of feeding their bellies, drinking intoxicated liquors, moving with ladies of questionable character. They used their entire wealth for their own enjoyments. They were against charities. Beggars were driven away. Animals were slaughtered for consumption. When such immorality prevailed there, it is natural for Godman or Prophets to descend on the earth to set right things!

Nice quotes..

Human life is combination of Fate and Freewill.

We must examine the reason why someone is born in poor families and some other is born in rich families? It is not luck or shear chance! In their previous births, some might have practiced charities and helped the poor with food and cloth. For these charitable acts of goodness, one has to reap back the results. Since our life on earth is for a limited period, it is not possible to undergo all the effects in one go. Hence each individual gets several chances to work out their past karma in several of future births. If one has committed heinous sins like murder, robbery and cheating, he cannot expect a better birth in the next round. He will take birth in the family of a criminal and undergo all sufferings due to his past acts. Also, if someone is indebted and die without paying back the dues, he will do so in the next birth. The creditor will take birth in the family as son or daughter and the debtor has to spend the same amount of money due on their education and upkeep!

Many people exult when they receive a huge amount in lottery or bequeathed with wealth from distant relative who dies without any progeny. He might have willed the estate to the one who is unaware of it. These are not luck or accidents. The one who receive such huge wealth has either given such wealth in previous births to the man who willed his property now! In life, nothing is chance. Every single penny will be accounted for in God’s court. How and when is not within our knowledge. This is the irrevocable law of fate! Without knowing, we will be paying back our debts! Without knowing, we will receive huge sums. Also, accidents murders are nothing but the rule of destiny! None can escape. Even while undergoing past effects, if we choose to follow righteous ways, we will be relieved from this mundane world sooner! Fate makes you to undergo past effects. Your freewill can guide you to follow the inner conscious and lead a perfect life!


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 19 months ago

      You are most welcome !

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 19 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Kiss and Tales for going through this piece. Yes, we are both bound and free.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 19 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Dr CHE Sadaphal, I agree fully with your nice comments.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 19 months ago

      Interesting hub Dr.Che

      I like that you say we are effect by both , free will and fate.

      I hope I am unferstood to know there are some things staged to happen , but there are some things unforseen,

      Free will is another choice we can do something or not do it , thats free will.

    • Dr CHE Sadaphal profile image

      CH Elijah Sadaphal 19 months ago from New York, NY

      I think most people tend to believe that "fate" and freewill are mutually exclusive. Yet, from a Biblical standpoint, the two are perfectly compatible is that the will of a sovereign God defines the contours of our freedom.

      What is certainly not true is that humans are autonomous, or able to choose without external influences. From the moment we are born we are shaped and influenced by where we are born, to whom, and the experiences that we have throughout life.