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The arrival of "Mahdi" or second coming is sooner than later!

Updated on August 20, 2017

We are nearing the end of the tunnel.

The present events of the world indicate the arrival of holy souls soon to redeem the earth!

Many events happen around the world every second. Of course man can perform any task as per his own volition and the results will accrue as per the deeds. We can understand that the present status of the world is the accumulation of evil over so many decades! Each act of man be it a good one or evil deed wait for fructification sooner or later. Minor transgressions could be nullified by sincerely repenting and praying to god. But deeds committed with selfishness and ego is sure to retaliate at some point of our life. We observe in this world, that many politicians commit grave errors go scot free for the time being. But the fag end of their life will be undergone with grief and turmoil. We can look at the life of many dictators and learn the lessons. Their end was tragic. Their own conscious rebelled against their acts which resulted in suicides. Hence no one can escape from the noose of time. In India, the process of law takes a lot of time, even many decades to book a politician. But they could not escape from the long arms of law. Many of the political bigwigs are enjoying prison terms. They might have committed many sins in secret without the knowledge of anyone. But the indwelling self is the sure witness to our transgressions. Though god let loose the strings for considerable period of time, he will clip them at the appropriate moment and they cannot escape from the punishments. No doubt, god is love and his heart is like butter. But his reactions to perpetrators of atrocities will be like diamond. He will tolerate many times but there is a clear limit. There is a proverb, “those who take up sword will be slain by sword”. There is no guarantee that a person will again get human birth in the next incarnation. If his deeds were full of evil, there is every chance that he may take birth as an animal like goat and get slaughtered at the hands of butcher. This is how karma theory works. Hence the scriptures exhort man to be good so that he need not suffer the birth of inferior species. Human being is really a blessing in life. Human beings alone have the capacity to think and act, discriminate and choose well over evil. If this opportunity is wasted, it is not known how many births we have to endure to get release from the shackles of mundane life.

Political leaders can never ensure peace and harmony in the world!

After getting the precious life, we should never waste it in material pursuits and pleasures. No person will drink water in a golden vase! A gold vessel needs to be preserved in safe vaults. Similarly the human life should not be wasted in mundane seeking. Initially, people commit evil out of ignorance of rules of life. They are unaware that such evil acts will bring grief and torture over a period of time. Many people now breed evil thoughts in their mind. They never make any attempt to divert such evil thoughts with good thoughts. Though thoughts could not be subdued so easily, it could be diverted with good thinking and godly thoughts! No political leader in this world is capable of bringing peace and harmony in the world. They will contribute for more strife than defusing a situation. Leaders have greater responsibilities towards society. First of all, they must be of impeccable character. But all over the world, we cannot find even a single entity who is virtuous. In ancient days, people of high characters were part of the King’s retinue. The king will always consult them both in mundane and spiritual realm. The preceptors guided the king along righteous rule and the nature too was benevolent towards the people by pouring periodical rain which resulted in bumper crop. Everyone remained happy in such kingdom. If we observe the present day world, the circumstances are quiet opposite to what existed in the ancient kingdoms where the king was morally upright and true to his citizens. Almost all leaders are corrupt and cunning. They had the retinue of most crooked advisors. Before implementing any people welfare schemes, the leaders used to ponder about the benefits they will gain personally. Observing the selfish rule of many such despots, people openly start rebelling against such tyrants. The rulers use their forces to quell such rebellion by punishing the rebels or killing them. When someone wants to subdue the natural uprising of ordinary citizens, civil war is the end result. How can we remove the anomalous situation from the world? It is not within human competence to set right the grievous situation prevailing now! Providence alone could set right things and ensure peace and harmony among people of countries. We are approaching the end of the tunnel but we should not be frightened by the darkness. There is Light at the end. All the divisive forces will be subdued forever. As it is we won’t believe that such things happen soon! But the night will not last long. Day has to dawn at the end of the night. Slowly, the darkness fade and light ushers a new dawn. In a similar manner, the manmade calamities will end forever. God will never remain a silent witness when humanity descends to abysmal level. Even as the evil in the world peak up in several areas, it triggers holy forces to come to the fore. The evil forces are like the darkness of night. Their play is almost over. Slowly light enters and disperse the negative elements away from this earth!

The arrival of Mahdi!

The indications are very clear!

The indications are frequent floods, frequent earthquakes and other deteriorating climatic conditions in the world which has been predicted long ago in many scriptures of the world. The arrival of “Mahdi” or the second coming as per Bible or the manifestation of Kalki as per the Hindu scriptures is fast approaching. The names may differ according to scriptures but the indications are similar!


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