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Learning from talented Stevie Wonder - Inspirational Success Story

Updated on September 29, 2013

Q&A inspired Hub

This hub was made to answer the question asked by Gmaoli in the Q&A area 1/16/2012

Q- Do we discover our talent or are we inherently born with it?

A- Below is my initial response & direct answer.

"I think it's a combination of both, since god has given some people some obvious advantages, as well as disadvantages in many ways at birth."

Can talent be determined from ones birth?

Say for instance someone who's looking to become an NBA superstar, of course he or she must work hard at learning such a sport, that demand great physical abilities & overall talent.

They will also have to have a physical make up, that fulfills the basic requirements, for rigorous game play in any particular position on the basketball court, this goes the same for anything in life.

Is it a Biological advantage or disadvantage that determines talent

It's scientifically proven that those born at a physically disadvantaged standpoint, will tend to have a much more difficult time if not any chance, in finding ones talent in certain things, but it isn't impossible.

My next example would be the potential likeliness of someone being born lacking the key ingredients to sense the world around them, such as blindness, and the sense of sight.

Let's use the story of Stevie Wonder, to prove such a point.

Another Example -

Many countless examples can stem from the focus of trying to discover where talent derives from. Proof of talent being something one must work on is present in many success stories we all know of today.

By looking much deeper into the lives of those individuals, who appear to fall into the disadvantaged position of sorts from birth.

It can help us all to see even more clearly, that a biological advantage or disadvantage isn't necessarily the top limiting agent, or reason for talent developing, whether its first being discovered in a person or not.

On the field of life a person must strive hard to achieve, and its only getting tougher, talented or not, & competition is fierce


One person who found his talent, under struggles of extreme physical adversity

Stevie wasn't born blind though, but he did have some sort of inherent birth defect that would eventually lead him to blindness, some years shortly after his birth.

Amazingly, Stevie Wonder turned out in his life, to be a famous musician, song writer, pianist, vocalist, music producer, entrepreneur, and quite the renaissance man of his times. The "Wonder", part was his stage name, and a huge factor in his fame & overall stardom all these years.

How did such a thing Occur?

The question I pose to many people reading this hub, is that if he never went blind do you think he would have even discovered his talent for singing.

As puzzling as it may seem, he might of even become a super athlete of some sort, and maybe even an NBA legend, if he didn't become blind.

Its pretty obvious that the song artist Stevie Wonder, had somehow discovered that he could sing, but I think it took him a great deal of stumbling first. He went through many differing phases of life depressions, addictions, hard ships, and harsh moments prior to him finding such a talent, as well as eventual outstanding success in life.

He also discovered his talent by pure chanced opportunity, when he had landed a job as a pianist first. Prior to that experience someone had helped him learn to play the piano keys, & out of his pure curiosity. He was in love with sounds, because his ears became his tuning fork sort of speak and guiding light. So some times it takes a miraculous connecting moment of sorts, to bring fourth such tremendous change of development of a hidden talent.

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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      @ gmaoli, yes indeed I sense you feel that your question has been fulfilled, and therefore my hubs purpose is complete. Thanks for locating this hub of mine, for sharing with me, and for being such a kind person to read it through.

      Your words here makes me realize that I am headed towards the right directions on hubpages, and just figured I try a bit more of answering great questions such as yours with entire hubs, as a challenge to myself as well.

      Not all my answers will fulfill the quota, and be as accurate as I have attempted here with this one, but I will keep trying to get better at it all for sure. You know it doesn't hurt to try, right!!

      I'll see you all soon in your hubs as well, I'm working diligently and very hard to follow every comment sent to me, and every hubber who's devoted their time and efforts to share with me as well. Till the nest time we meet in comment heaven, it was nice chatting with you.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Wow, I didn't even get the memo that I had more comments here, boy what happened with that. Oh well, but I just made it back so I need to credit yall two on your responses here.

      @ Rachel Richmond, thanks for sharing with me here, yes indeed people have the tendency when under pressure to muster up a hidden power of faith somehow, and emerge out of such deprived conditions to discover their talents god has given them.

      You uncle must have been a true survivor, and I commend him for his inner strength to fight the odds that was surely stacked up against him. Let him know I said hi, and that I feel he is truly an inspiration to all as well, to never give up on striving to do what makes a person happy in life, and I'm glad he's done such a thing for you.

    • gmaoli profile image

      Gianandrea Maoli 

      7 years ago from South Carolina

      I'm very flattered you decided to take my question and address it in a hub. A well written one too!

      I did figure to some degree talent can be discovered, but never really thought of it being discovered under difficult or traumatic situations like that of Stevie Wonder. It does make sense though. When you have something like blindless or another physical disability affect you, you find the need to push yourself to discover that one thing you are really good at and not be burdened with your disability. He went through a lot of though times, but when push came to shove, he took that time to find that gift. If we did the same, imagine what we could accomplish?

      Enjoyed it and voted up!

    • Rachel Richmond profile image

      Rachel Richmond 

      7 years ago from California

      Excellent hub. My uncle was born with some sight and lost it by the time he was 20-ish. He has been an inspiration to me since he never let that stop him from learning, running a full cafeteria, fixing antique clocks & lamps, change brakes, and going places. Again -great hub.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Crosby123 for stopping by again, yes its a cool thing once you find that you have a talent for something, it can make you feel like the only one in the world with it too, but I think that many people never try to harness such a thing in themselves, and so is the fact of why so many folks might view talent as a god given thing from birth.

      Being born with certain physical or mental advantages definitely appears to be a starting point to talent, but isn't the only part to the formula.

    • crosby123 profile image


      7 years ago from Georgetown

      Interesting hubs, CloudExplorer. I remember my mum set my Christian name after him,Stevie. Talent are something mysterious thing we need to find out to live the life to maximum limit. Voted up!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      Yes, talent is something that can be mustered simply by being curious enough, and determined to be something in life, motivation is key for sure, and some are driven towards it all.

      Others simply find it by chance, or cool oppprtune moments in life, thanks @ Leaderofman & @ JMack, for vising and sharing.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Good read

    • Leaderofmany profile image


      7 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

      Great Hub, I think that we are all born with something special to give. Rather it be the talent to sing, play ball, or be a best friend.


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