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The art of speaking Truth!

Updated on November 10, 2012

Saibaba conversing with devotees!

How to speak Truth?

Communication cannot happen without words. Of course, the differently abled communicate in signs with their hand and fingers! But they too imagine the words before signaling to others. Words have much potential. Each word stimulates different feelings and emotions in every individual.

We like some and we desist some. What is the reason? It is the way they communicate. Some people always abuse others or make sarcastic comments. Yet there are some noble souls, who always speak kind words, lovingly which sooth our heart. Words are mere sounds but the ways we use it determine how we become dear to many.

We come across many people in the world, who interact with us. There may be strangers, neighbors and our own family members. It is normal that we like the company of some and do not like to interact with others. The reason is evident. It is their tongue which makes a foe or friend. Everyone wants recognition by others in society. It should not be for the wrong reasons. People praise sweet tongued persons but here also is a problem. One may be outwardly showing kindness but internally cursing. How we can identify such and avoid their company? Recently I came across an advice given by Saibaba who said, “Do not believe any in the world, at the same time, do not hate any one. The truth is obvious. People are not what they seem to be to the outer observation. Hidden within everyone both positive and negative opinions and judgment about others. We cannot blame them since their views are also based on our outer behavior or talks.

The outside world is enamored by showy persons. If our personality is boasting and attire attracts others, we are liked in the first instance. If we can talk sweetly hiding our dislikes, people welcome us with open arms. Sometimes ‘flattery’ achieves some aims. Politicians always seek flattery from their followers. If the leaders are criticized or commented upon, they get terribly upset. Considering all the above, in the ancient scriptures, certain direction has been given which is as follows:

“Speak the Truth which is pleasant. Do not utter unpleasant truths. Also do not utter a lie which may be pleasant to hear”. There are many people who are honest and straightforward but they are unaware of the above truth. They bluntly reveal certain Truths which create unpleasantness everywhere. We should know the art of speaking a Truth and avoid unpleasant truth which will surely affect some innocent persons ultimately!


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