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The battle that Christian teens face when transforming into adulthood

Updated on May 13, 2017

The temptation that christian teens face today when transforming into adulthood is an unbelievable overload of right and wrongs. When they are accustomed to growing up and believing a certain way, they shelter yourself from the reality of the world. It is easier to stay in tune with God when they have the support of your youth group. At least once a week they are surrounded by people who are having the same struggle as them. They have the opportunity to express the way they are feeling with other people who have been there before and know exactly how to help them through that trial. The youth group starts to become more like your family. They know more about your dark secrets than anyone else including your family but no worries, they have all been there and know exactly how it had felt. As they grow older the multitude of temptation only increases. Sexual temptation is one of the hardest for any teen to overcome. With the help and guided demeanor of their group, they all team up to help the person overcome that situation. They pray and check in with that person routinely throughout the week until they all meet again. This happens throughout the year until it comes time for church camp. When that time rolls around they are all ready to go and have a great time with people who are also facing those same struggles. They get to camp not expecting much more than to connect with a few people. As camp goes on they become on fire with God's eternal grace. They start to forget all of the "baggage" that they left at home and just become absolutely in tune with God. At the end of camp they are all feeling great and refreshed, believing that their life has changed and only for the good. They have plans to spread God's word with everyone whom they come in contact with when they return home. Such an amazing feeling but the second you get home reality starts to kick in and the fire that they had starts to slowly dwindle. That's okay though because they have the support of their group. This cycle continues as the years progress. Again that is okay though because they have that support system. Then comes the time when they graduate and they are no longer able to be apart of that group that they once called family. Now they are thrown into the adult group. Something they are not familiar with and has a complete different way that it is taught. They no longer have that comfort of their group. They no longer have the worship service, no longer are able to go to camp and most definitely no longer comfortable where they were made to be placed. They begin to not feel on the same page with God as they once were. This happens with teens when switching between classes and a high percentage will never show back up again. Some then go off to college and others then begin the workforce. When that first temptation hits and they no longer have that support group they will fall for that temptation almost every time. Not knowing how to handle it on there own, they find a way for it to become a pleasure, so that they feel accepted by the world. Some of the people that I personally grew up with in youth group, had the brightest future when it came to serving the lord. The minute that, that comfort was gone, they were gone. I know because I was one of them. On tract to becoming a pastor. At the age of 16, I had already had the opportunity to preach in front of at minimum a hundred people. Had a college picked out by the age of 17. The time I turned 18 and the real temptations of the world started to click in, the temptations that I now had to deal with alone. I fell right into them and lost all of the hard work and ambitions that I had put so much effort into. A question to think about when reading this article. What can you do as a leader, to prevent the fallout of your youth in church during that time of transformation?

According to Christianity Today 70% of all youth members drop out of youth group. The first image was taken at a normal youth worship service, while the second was taken at an adult church service.

© 2017 Jamison Craig


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