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The Battles, the Delays, the Pain ... and yet, the Profound Love!

Updated on November 28, 2019
Daniel Kojo Asiedu profile image

Having gone through many battles in life, both spiritually and physically, I still believe God exists & I need you to know that too.

A gist of His ways ...

So God decided to give me an uncut scenery of how things work in His world as opposed to ours. After all, His ways aren't our ways, right?

God's is BEST

God's is BEST!
God's is BEST!

His Way, not ours ...

The following content is an exact and vivid description of a dream I had but expressed the best I could with God's Divine Guidance and Direction. You may kindly substitute 'belongings' with all and any possessions you've lost in any way or form along life's journey, be it your marriage, spouse, child, car / persons in an accident, monies, family member(s), a loved one, a job, etc. You just name it.

The Dream (Part 1)

I saw myself in a dream doing battle in the enemy camp and with the enemy. In my dream, I battled with a group of wicked Chinese soldiers with their guns and knives and I with mine.

I had managed to, after a long fought battle, infiltrate their camp and defeat a host of them, but for their general, whom my bullets never seemed to penetrate his body vest, for he was fully armed and armored from ground up and impenetrable. At a point, I thought that I had him cornered -- him and his partner soldier -- but I was wrong...

He chased after me with his auto-firing gun as I managed to quickly drift away into hiding, leaving behind my 'belongings' that were ever so dear to me. At last! I had failed!

He grabbed onto them and put them to work almost immediately as I watched from a hideous hideout quite far away from the enemy camp.

Days, weeks, months and even years passed, and still no word on how to and where I'd find my belongings, if ever. I could only imagine how they were being mistreated, unloved and uncared for -- I sorely and dearly missed them.

I saw the general and his cohorts launch several clever search attempts at finding me too -- they had over the years imprisoned many. At a point, they gave up, as word of my whereabouts gradually faded away into the distance...

I kept the hopes of one day finding my belongings hopefully alive and well. One fine afternoon, as I hid in my hideout high up on a big tree, I chanced on a mysterious man gazing right at me from the ground beneath me and gesturing at me to come down, much like Jesus called out to Zacchaeus. When our eyes met, I instantly felt this overwhelming peace and connection with Him and felt quite confident that He could perhaps help me. His incessant smiles and gazes at me made it seem like He had known me for ages; I also felt like I knew Him too, somehow.

I did come down eventually, but true to my nature (man's selfish nature of "I can do it all by myself -- I don't need your help), got full of myself once more and decided to take it up on my own one last time.

I bolted upstairs a large building nearby in search of my belongings. The offices were closed and empty and there was really nothing there. I was completely worn out in strength and felt exhausted and hopeless at this point.

When at last I noticed how futile my efforts were and had been, I mastered the last of my courage, faith and hope and went back down to the man who had to my surprise been waiting for me. He smiled lovingly at me as if to assure me all would be well and then gestured that I move along with him now that I was 'back home'. He took my hand and held it in His...

The Dream (Climax!!!)

Hmm! You see, this man was no ordinary man -- He was intense and His ways mysterious -- He felt Mighty Powerful (OMNIPOTENT). Heck, He even knew where the enemy camp was and knew where all of my things had been kept, all this while (OMNISCIENT).

He glided us through the walls that separated each enemy camp until we got to the one I could clearly identify -- It seemed He'd been watching me all this while and was always there from the very beginning (OMNIPRESENT).

Climax -- the Very Cool Part...

As we got closer, there was utter silence at our presence or should I say His PRESENCE. They bowed in reverence as several froze right where they stood. The general and his partner tried their very best to escape as they stumbled and fell amongst the chairs gathered in the hallway. Mmm! Matter of factly, the general upon seeing me should have picked up his infantry and come after me but no, he dared not -- he rather looked the wish of vanishing from plain sight as he knew he indeed was in TREMENDOUS trouble.

I found in me this renewed strength from having held on to this Incredible Being of a Man that I went after the general, catching up only seconds later. General as he was, or so he thought, begged of me to free him and let sleeping dogs lie -- he even gave me back my 'possessions' without me asking, as if He'd been commanded and instructed to let my people go...

I gathered my 'possessions' and rushed back to thank the man who had so well and willingly ended my decade long battle and then futile search so swiftly it only seemed to all have happened (the rescue mission) in barely a few hours... Furthermore, my belongings were at the wave of His Mighty Hand, restored to a state better than their original selves without any sign of blemish whatsoever.

You see, it then dawned on me that:

'Tis us that mostly cause our own delay in life... when we err in thinking that struggling on our own will get us there faster and sooner, when indeed His is the QUICKEST way -- To Trust, Pray, Obey and Wait!

'Tis us that deepen our struggles and its associated pains that come our way in life... when we err in thinking our way in and out of it is better, when indeed His ways are BEST -- He will Guide and Direct you and Deliver you...

'Tis Us ...

'Tis us that erroneously think that we are all forgotten, when to the contrary He so willfully and assuredly promised on His Name that He'd Never Leave Us nor Forsake Us; that His plans for us are for a Bright and Hopeful Today and Tomorrow.

'Tis us that choose to fight our battles our own way and on our own, when indeed it'd have been so much easier if we'd left it all to HIM to fight it on our very behalves. That'd have saved us time, energy, and peace, if only we'd cast it all unto Him in prayer and trust.

The Only Way, the Truth & the Life!

Seeking God

Seeking God first is not just an option -- it's our ONLY OPTION to 'getting there' best, in grand style and at the right and appointed time; It's our only option to have our little efforts truly sustained (not man's version of maintenance); It's our only option to going into whatever kind of daily battles we face with our two hands folded behind our backs, knowing deep within that all is indeed well because He's for us and so no one could ever dare be against us, as we are the apple of His eye.

My dear Church and body of Christ, NEVER FORGET that...

When you feel lonely
He promised He would Never Leave your side nor Forsake you...
Deuteronomy 31:6-8; Hebrews 13:5
When you feel sinful and guilty
He said, "no worries, I forgive you. Go sin no more. You're my very righteousness in Christ Jesus"
2 Corinthians 5:21
When you feel scared and insecure
He said, "take refuge in my shadow, for no weapon designed for you, can ever harm you". It'd have to go through me first to get to you"
Isaiah 41:10-13
When you feel depressed, downhearted, rejected, dejected, frustrated, and think that no one else cares about you but rather sees the worst in you
He said, "I see only the best in you, for I made you in my own image (which is perfect and without flaw). I also knew you even before you were born"
Jeremiah 1:5; Isaiah 49:15
When you feel unloved
He said, "I first loved you"
1 John 4:19; Hebrews 13:5; John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Psalm 36:7
When you feel poor and broke
He said, "Every other thing I'll add unto you and give you freely. Just seek me first"
Romans 8:18; Jeremiah 29:11; II Corinthians 12:9-11; Psalm 23:5-6
When you can't trust anyone because they keep letting you down and disappointing you
God says, "Trust Me"
Proverbs 3:5-6
When you need direction and guidance
He said, "I'm a light to your path and a lamp to your feet all way"
Psalm 119:105; Isaiah 58:11; John 14:6; John 16:13; Leviticus 19;31; Psalm 32:8; Psalm 37:23-24; Psalm 25:4-5
And when you need something that badly and yet don't know how, when or if you'd get it
He said, "Seek me and you'll find me (Reading His Word, meditating on it, fasting); knock on the door, and I'll open it onto you (Praise and thanksgiving); Ask anything you will and I'll give it to you (Prayer -- if you abide in me and I in you)
Matthew 7:7-11; James 1:5-8


God's Wish for Our Life's Journey?

Philippians 4:6-7

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Because He will meet all and every one of your needs in His time and make all things truly beautiful.

PS: The devil (general) just comes in to kill, steal and destroy but JEHOVAH (the Incredible Being), comes to seek and save all.

© 2019 Daniel Kojo Asiedu


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