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The beauty and grandeur of creation!

Updated on February 23, 2014

Natural and artificial

Enjoy pristine Nature!

Due to our over-engagement with life's riddles, we fail to perceive the beauties of creation.We are blessed with the vision to appreciate the beauty of Divine creations. It is not given to view the obscene and ugly. The very definition of beauty depends upon the viewer's perception. Most of the babies are lovely and attractive. Yet there are certain babies which are bony and not very much attractive. Ask the mother. She will embrace the child to her bosom. This is the basic psychology instigated by maternal affection. Hence there is no hard and fast rules to define beauty. But nature offers human being many panoramic views like a lush green garden, yonder hills, the waterfall, moving river, the birds that slide on the surface, the beautiful sky with occasional clouds, the dawn of the day, the music of the birds in the early morning, the swaying of the trees, the colors of the beautiful full bloom flowers, the moon light lit night, the innocent smile of babies.......the list goes on endlessly, if only we care to perceive them.

But, man has become so materialistic in nature, though his eyes fall on natures hidden beauties, yet he fail to perceive them. His only aim is earning more and more! Let us ask him, 'why you are sweating and toiling? He will say, I have to take care of the family and plan for their future well being! This is the mind set of more than 80% of the people. We have lost the sense to enjoy the pleasant scenario of nature. If you observe a peacock, when the sky is overcast, it will spread its beautiful feathers which are colorful and enchanting and dance at the sight of overcast sky. But, man has got all the senses to enjoy and appreciate the nature but he fail miserably. Only his worries and anxieties weigh him. When we became one with nature, we gain an inner peace. True meditation is enjoying the nature as a gift from the creator.

Many naturalists watch the birds, animals for hours together and days together. They enjoy their movements and flights. They enjoy watching the slow ascend and descend of the birds majestically. This is life and we are here to enjoy those nature's bounties. If we consider the life span of any individual, half of his life goes in sleeping and resting. Out of the waking period, he is mostly concerned with the trivialities of life. Rest of the time, he is moving here and there trying to earn a few chips. We have to change the way, we view the life. It is not that one should not eke out a living. But one should spend some time to enjoy the grandeur of the universe. Watch the sky in the night. The star studded blue sky is a feast to watch. The movement of the planets around the sun, the earth etc is beyond human comprehension.

Have we shown our gratefulness to the creator? We hardly find time to even offer our gratefulness. This is the enigma of life.But westerners spend their holidays visiting tourist spots, even if it is for two days. They want to take a break from the mechanical atmosphere at their work place. They eagerly wait for Friday evening to go for outing. Weekends are really like recharging the batteries drained in the drudgery of life. But in India, people spend most of the time indoors and hence they do not recoup for the tight schedule for the ensuing week.

That is why 'theme parks' are really successful. Disney world is the outcome of imagination of Walt Disney. People from all over the world visit such places at least once in their life time. It is fun for both youngsters and elders. It is rejuvenating to watch the amusement those theme parks offer. Varieties of visuals artificially created attract every one. There is water sports, ice palaces, the demons and devils of the nether worlds actually brought to scare us. Then there is the flying wheel and other play items to enchant every one. Let us do some research about 'how the theme parks and Disney land came into existence? Because man has failed to enjoy the pristine nature created by God. To compensate such longings, these theme parks have been created at least to give a solace. They are artificial but still they offer a little diversion from the drudgery called life.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      A fine thought aravind. Thank you. Sairam.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 3 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      What you say about the rejuvenating power of nature is absolutely true. Wish we indulge more in these 'natural' pleasures... A sure way to gain serenity... However, it is only the internal peace that helps one to appreciate the external beauty and peace.

      I have seen many people unable to live without cellphones, laptops and tablets even in sylvan settings...