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The bedroom intimacy of the Bride of Christ. Relationships in the Bible to aspire to.

Updated on August 15, 2014

The Bride Groom cometh...

With a distant eye to the east, it seems like our attention is wooed away by the many cares of this world. Our eyes seem insatiable to material things, and the very heart of God is rent into pieces of unneeded petitions, strips of a lingering lukewarm heartbeat, complacency, and a dozen other unmentionables. It seems we lay at the feet of our Master, while our eyes gaze beyond Him into dry windows and our own thoughts. And yet not only are we undone, our lives hold legacy of unfinished works, broken promises, and an unsettled soul. We have lost sight of our Coming Thief, whom with Him carries our reward...

Song of Songs IV by Marc Chagall 1958

Into our own song of songs...

With a life as timeless as a vapor, and yet as precious a moment our song unravels like twine in His Hands. Once a ball wrapped in vivid colors slowly rolls out painstakingly. It is a crime to our eyes to see such waste and complacency in our lives. And the sounds from a slow ache of regret murmur from within. We are our own undoing.

We can choose to sing our own song. Or, we can quietly release our hourglass sand into an ever-waiting and jealous King. Our times, stricken with a sin bent heart can slowly turn to an honest arrow striking its mark. This Christ, this pearl of great price... It is He who must begin the dance.

Hillsong united "Oceans"

Solomon's song and how we sing it

Song of Songs is a book of poetry written before Christ' birth. It actually reveals a courtship between lovers. Many people make a comparison of this book to be Israel and God in relationship! It records a dance between lovers. Where the two lose and find and lose and find one another.

We try to find this relationship in others, and clearly looking at statistics, this is a sobering not the path. Granted, relationships are meaningful, needed, and desired. But without Christ, the Bible, and a daily walk with Him, these other things are seen out of perspective.

However, can such a relationship be between us and God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Such a precious union is offered to all of us as it is in the Bible. When hunger exceeds our thoughts and commands action, when we find in us the will to Seek Him, deeper than a marital relationship, over work and even ministry. A hunger for Him, a thirst unquenched. He is the reason, the meaning of life. The satisfaction of it.

This Jesus, who has been hidden even within the Old Testament, hungers, longs, for us to just pray to Him, to ask of Him. When a Jesus hides from us, and in our affliction we lose sight of our First Love.


A husbands love for His wife as an example of God to His people

Lift Him up and He will draw all men unto Himself...

Hosea in the Old Testament speaks of a prophet of God commanded by God to marry a prostitute named Gomer. It was to show how the Lord was the Husbandman of a fallen Israel. Israel had left her first Love. She had forsaken her Lord...

It is a powerful look of the love of God toward us. And though the Old Testament was separated by 400 years from the New Testament, the former 39 Books foreshadowed the next 27. So the love of a distant God represented by His prophet is even greater considered even Jehovah had slowly quieted Himself until Jesus appeared.

The veil which ripped at Christ' death

The Veil torn from top to bottom

And Jesus touched lepers. He was moved by compassion and as He left the Holy of Holies, He took lepers by His Hands, He sat with sinners, He went beyond the outer rim to where the Samaritans gathered water.

When the ark was so holy, death was promised to those who touched it. And a smoking Sinai which commanded death to anyone upon touching. To the hundreds of laws which proved none could not break.


Woman at the well (

The woman at the well

The Woman at the well. John 4:11-15, 25

The woman at the well is a perfect example that God desires His creation to be in intimacy with Him no matter our past. Simply the orchestration of God the Father to bring both Jesus and the Samaritan women reveals His hunger for the lost.

As Jesus approached the woman at the well, I imagine His interested and hunger for her was hid behind a simple conversation. I imagine Him waiting, finding an opening in conversation, and even listening to her. Imagine him revealing His grand knowledge of God to her, a hungry soul... That might have crushed her as a Pharisee might have. After all, Samaritans were looked down upon.

And Jesus, a true witness, a true Messiah, revealed Himself in love, without judging and with kindness.

John 4:26

26 Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

Shekinah Glory Ministry-Yes (Extended Version)

Our own Holy of Holies.

Entering into the deeper things of God can create a shower of blessing few wait to see. Even in His Word, Jesus said to us that if we abide in Him and He abide in us that we may ask what we will and it shall be given unto us. (John 15:7) Jesus' example of stealing away from the masses, from His disciples, to seek God the Father. The hunger, the fire, it's consuming fire, he never neglected. He followed the Spirit, was led of the Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is among us. It is as nigh, and near as saying yes in your heart.


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