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The birthplace and parents of Shirdi Saibaba as told by Sathya Saibaba!

Updated on November 22, 2013

The Saibabas.

The untold story revealed by Sathya Saibaba!

Rare are the incarnations of God on earth. It was nearly 5000 years ago, Krishna left as Avatar on earth. In the recent past, around 2000 years ago, we had one more illustrious incarnation in Jesus Christ. More recently we had Sri Sathya Saibaba who adored the earth for 85 years before leaving this earthly abode. Within the span of eighty five years, he had enabled the people to realize the immortality of the Self and the evanescence of the body. Once Swami Vivekananda has said, Avatars enable great changes on earth. Where there was no water source, they will create an Ocean! Their work cannot be comprehended by ordinary human mind.

The world was in a pell-mell after Jesus left. We have witnessed the worst scenarios in World Wars. Millions and millions of innocent lives were lost as a result of War. The greed of human mind has consumed society as a lot. In addition, draught and many contagious diseases destroyed many millions of lives. During the twentieth century, the world witnessed the worst catastrophes in war and famine. People were clueless to proceed on. But God has not abandoned his creations. He made subtle transformations by sending many a sages and saints, prophets and Avatars when the humanity is facing crisis after crisis.

In Nizam State of erstwhile India, there lived a poor but pious couple called Devagiri amma and her husband. The husband was plying a boat across the river to earn a few coins which was enough to keep them in flesh and blood. They had no issues. The wife was a devotee of Lord Parameswar and mother Parvathi. In a peculiar way, God has blessed the couple to have issues. The Lord himself has visited their humble hut in the guise of an old man and made strange requests. First, he wanted to rest a while and then demanded a little food. After a while, he wanted somebody to press his feet since it was aching. As her husband was away to the river side to take care of the boat, Devagiriamma has to encounter the strange old man. However she showed him a place in the outer verandah. She gave him a little curd rice to quench his hunger. Regarding pressing his feet, she had to engage a maid servant who came to the door. The fact is they were the Divine couple who came specifically to bless Devagiri with children. Unsolicited, Lord Shiva told her, he will himself take birth as her son. True to the blessings, (Saibaba) was born as a boy to Devagiriamma. But her husband was remorse since he could not get the Dharsan of Lord when he visited their hut. Hence he was particular to pursue spiritual practices to have the vision of the Lord. Hence he left the house even when his wife was in labor. She accompanied him a few steps and before long, she delivered a baby boy under a pepal tree. Covering the boy with leaves, she followed her husband.

Strangely, a Muslim gentleman who wanted to ease himself came near the tree. He was astonished to hear the cry of a new born baby. Finding nobody nearby, he took the baby to his house since he too had no issue. The couple brought up the boy with great care. But his behavior was strange. He will go to Hindu temple stating Siva is Allah. The devotees used to drive him out. He will go to the mosque and proclaim Allah is Siva. Hence both the communities got angry with the boy and complained to the parents. Unfortunately, the Muslim gentleman died and unable to look after the body, the foster mother handed over the boy to a respectful preceptor called “Venkusa”. For twelve long years, the preceptor took care of Sai. But the other disciples there were jealous of Sai and they have planned to get rid of him. Hence one of the disciples hurled a brickbat aiming his head. But Venkusa came in front and took the hit. As a result, blood was oozing out from the head of Venkusa. Saibaba tore his cloth and made a bandage around his head. Venkusa asked Sai to proceed westwards. He followed his preceptor’s instructions and moved westwards. In the course of his wanderings, he came to Shirdi. These are all the events as told by Sathya Saibaba on 28th September which is the birthday according to Sathya Saibaba. Prior to that none were aware of the birth details of Shirdi Saibaba . He visited Shirdi when he was hardly 16 years of age based on the instructions of Venkusa…….to be contd.,


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