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The body and mind can never protect us, they are unreliable instruments!

Updated on October 11, 2016

Mind can never save man

The mind is Maya or illusion!

The mind is attached to the body on which it depends! This is termed as the ‘ego sense’. Body attachment is the greatest shackle from which all individuals must come out. But, most of us never attempts in this direction during a given life time! This is known as “Maya” or deluded mind. The power of Maya is inexplicable. It surrounds the entire creation. It is said that even the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara are enveloped by Maya! What to talk about ordinary worldly individuals like us? Hence Moksha or Mukthi is not easily attainable by normal household people. Their entire attention is on wife, children, properties and the like. It is said that two things entice the mind of every individual. One is wealth and the second is women. Most of us are trapped by both while some people are after either of the one! In today’s world, money is mere currencies of various values. Wealth includes gold and investments in shares or bonds, bank deposits and mutual fund instruments. How everyone is attached to money? It is a fact that everyone loves money more than anything. Even some of the so-called recluses develop “Ashrams” which could be run only by money! Pure spirituality thrives where there is no money transactions.

In today’s world, money is an essential instrument to buy all food items, vegetables, pulses, oil and other diary projects. Money is essential for buying all house hold goods and for payment of various services and taxes. Hence, without money, one really becomes a pauper, who has no source for any of the consumable items like food and drink or other services. Is it a sin to earn money? Money is the most essential requirement of life. But we need a certain amount of money to lead our life comfortably without relying on others. That is the limit. More than that is mere luxury. It is like the correct size of shoe, we purchase. If it is of higher size, it will come out from the feet. If it is of lower size, it will bite the feet! This is the correct estimate of our requirement!

Philosophy alone can grant wisdom

Remembering the Lord at the last breath!

But, man today pursues wealth with all his might. Some people work day and night to earn it. They are never bothered that the money, painstakingly earned will not accompany them after death. Money gives momentary exhilaration. Many people go through their bank balances more frequently. They want to know whether any interest is added or credited or some credit materialized! It is natural tendency. Even children, who deposit small changes in their piggy bank, count it very often. The attachment to money never wanes even if one is near his death bed! A shop owner was assiduously earning profit by selling many items in his shop. Even during lunch hour, he will depute his son to look after the sales. One day he fell very ill. Someone has told the shop owner before the birth of his son, to name him after some god form. In India, the tradition is to name them as Rama, Krishna and Govinda, so that while calling them, he will automatically chant god’s name which will release him at the time of death! He had five sons and as the end was approaching, he was calling them by their name one by one. When all of them surrounded his bed, ‘has everyone come? Suddenly he remembered the shop and while he was dying, he exclaimed, “Who will look after the shop? This is his last thought. In spite of naming all his sons in the various forms of god, the last moment diverted his attention to the mundane shop!

In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna promises that whoever remembers me at the time of death, will surely reach me, while those remembering worldly things or relationships will have to reborn in an appropriate set up according to his last thought. Though the merchant intelligently named all his sons after god’s name, his habitual thoughts dragged him to the safety of his shop! How can he attain god? Even a little amount of greed is a great distraction in spiritual path!

Goddess Durga slays the demon!

God conquers demons!

Today is the concluding day of Dusserah celebrations all over India. Dusserah signifies conquest of evil by the strength of god! There was a demon called Mahishasura named after the strong buffalo. He had obtained special boons from god that he will not get killed by ordinary people. Hence he was indulging in all sorts of atrocities, torturing the pious people, spoiling the rituals in Ashrams, threatening innocent ladies and children and the like. The sages made a fervent appeal to the gods. Since the demon obtained many boons, all forms of god like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma expressed their inability to kill him. Only a female goddess could slaughter him. Hence, everyone prayed to Mother Durga who promised them that she will finish the demon soon. The demon thought that the manifested goddess is a small girl and he could vanquish her in no time. He was boasting his prowess while the Mother goddess become furious, assumed a gigantic form and with the Spear in her arm, killed the demon. The demon never thought that he will be vanquished by women. Had he known that he would have sought that boon also?

We have to learn two great lessons. God is kind to one and all. Even if a demon practices severe austerities and meditation, he will surely manifest and give them boons. The demon thought that he should obtain a boon that he should never die. But the gods pointed out that it is impossible boon but he can ask the condition under which he won’t die. The demon foolishly asked that he should not get killed by any man or animal. He has not mentioned about women. Goddess Durga manifested as per the boon granted by god and came as a little girl and assumed huge form and finished him! Interestingly, this kind of boon seeking by Hiranyakashibu, the father of Prahlada is very tricky one. He said that he should not be killed by human beings or animals. He should not be killed either inside or outside. He should not be killed by any weapon. He should not be killed on earth or in heaven! The Lord fulfilled all the boons. He came as a man lion form (Narasimha). He placed the demon on his thighs, (which is neither earth nor heaven). He took him to the threshold (which is neither inside nor outside). He tore open his intestines by the nails, which is not a weapon! The lord fulfilled all the boons, yet killed him coming in a mysterious man lion form! This is how god’s justice works. He won’t go against his promises while at the same time protected the innocent devotee Prahlada from the cruel clutches of his demon father!

Hiranyakashibhu was attached to the body while Prahlada was attached to the Lord within. Hence we should never rely on the strength of the body or Ego but become humble like Prahlada!

Hiranyakashibhu was killed by Lord Narasimha!

The illusion that is mind

Can the mind save man?

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