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Understanding The Book and Gospel of John

Updated on November 30, 2014

Who is John?

John is one of the twelve apostles ,and perhaps most loyal of all. He is often called John the Evangelist and John the Divine. He was the son of Zebedee, a fisherman.

The introductory picture of Gospel of John

This is an introductory part of the Gospel of John
This is an introductory part of the Gospel of John | Source

Knowing the name of John The Baptist from his life

In terms of lessons from his life, God does not guarantee an easy or safe life to those who serve him.

Doing what God desires is the greatest possible life investment

Standing for the truth is more important than life itself

Importance of Eternal Life

Jesus offers eternal life to us. We are invited to begin living in a personal, eternal relationship with him at present. Although, we must grow old and die, by trusting him we can have a new life that lasts forever.

The supportive bible verse that relates to eternal life is found in John 3:16 and it says " For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Other versions in the Bible mentions eternal life although this two words everlasting and eternal are the same. This verse is giving us something of the heart of God towards the masses of the world.

God cares little about statistics because it deals with figures, although he is greatly concerned with people. Statistics represent people , families such as the Lees, Patels, the Gorbachev's from Russia, and the Kims from North Korea. In this world, we are not born not in tens of millions although one at a time.

Many of Jesus most important conversations took place with only one or two individuals. Consider the kitchen conversations which Jesus had with Mary, Martha, and brother Lazarus, or his nighttime dialogue with Nicodemus.

Although loving the world generically is not enough. God is counting on us.

Key Persons in the Book of John

The key persons in the whole content of John are: Jesus, John the Baptist, the 12 Disciples, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Jesus mother; Pilate, Mary Magdalene.

Key places in the book of John

The key places in the book of John is located in Judean countryside, Samarian, Galilee, Bethany, Jerusalem.

Special features in the Book of John

Of all the eight miracles recorded in the whole book of John, the six miracles are unique that is among the Gospels to John, as is the "Upper Room Discourse" that is found in Chapters 14 to 17.

Over 90 percent of John is unique to his Gospel and John does not contain a genealogy or any record of Jesus birth, childhood, temptation, transfiguration, appointment of the disciples, nor any account of Jesus parables, ascension, or great commission.

When is the Book of John written?

The answer for this question that is based on my analysis is probably 85 to 90 A.D.

It is a Balanced Attitude

According to Theologian John Calvin wrote, "the present life has many enticements, a great show of delight, grace, and sweetness. We ought to have such fondness for it that we regard it as one of the gifts of divine goodness which are by no means to be despised."

The supportive verse of this sub-title is found in John 17:16 and it says "They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world."

I am's in the Book of John

There are 7 I am's in the Book of John

John 6:35 - I am the Bread of Life

John 8:12- I am the Light of the World

John 10:7 - I am the Gate

John 10:11- I am the Good Shepherd

John 11:25 - I am the Resurrection and the Life

John 14:6 - I am the Way, The truth, and the Life

John 15:1- I am the True Vine

Picture of John's Gospel

This is about the bible Lesson of John's Gospel in the New Testament.
This is about the bible Lesson of John's Gospel in the New Testament. | Source

Gospel According to John - Audio Bible Reading ( New Testament / NASB )

It is a large video collection of classic hymns, contemporary Praise and Worship songs, and the works such as audio books, devotional readings, and sermons of men which is greatly used of God, such as: Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Tozer, A.W. Pink, John Owen, Oswald Chambers, Andrew Murray, E.M. Bounds, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, and many more, covering topics on many aspects of the Christian life.

Video about the Life of Jesus

Jesus Longest Prayer

The famous prayer recorded here concludes a kind of commissioning or graduation. In it, Jesus turns over his mission to the disciples and, by extension, to all believers who would follow.

The supportive verse is found in John 17:21 and the verse says "the all of them may be one Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me." This bible is found in New International Version (NIV).

Speeding up Death

Soldiers have broken the bones of crucified men to speed up their dying, here so the bodies could be removed before the holy day that followed. Jesus had already died, so his bones were left intact. This is fulfilled in Old Testament promises that the Messiah's bones would not be broken and that his side would be pierced with a spear.

The supportive verse is found in John 19:31 and the verse says "Now it was the day of Preparation , and the next day was to be a special to Sabbath Because did not want the bodies left on the crosses during the Sabbath, they asked the Pilate to have the legs broken and the bodies taken down ." This bible version is found in New International Version (NIV).

The Love Commitment

This love commitment is to follow Christ forever or we can say it as lifetime commitment to him. Aside from this, it will be also a care for new Christians.

Remember, the best way for us to grow is to help other people grow.

Readers and viewers must take note that Baptism is an important sacrament in the Christian Church. It is declaring before the world that "my old self" have died, was buried, and resurrected with Christ; from now on I am forsaking Satan and all his works. Now I belong to Christ and follow him forever.

Special Treatment for Peter

In John 21:15 , the verse says "When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these ? " "Yes Lord", he said, "you know that I love you." Jesus said "feed my lambs"

John ends his book with a moving scene in which Jesus spoke to Peter and "the disciple whom Jesus loved " , presumably John himself. Jesus asked Peter the same question three times, a painful reminder of Peter's three denials of him. Although this reinstatement helped embolden Peter to become one of the early church most fearless spokesmen.

Video about the Gospel of John in a Full movie


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