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The celebration of VIJAYADASAMI as victory day over evil.

Updated on September 30, 2017

Mother Goddess is worshiped today!

The final day of Dusserah celebrations in India!

Yesterday was the penultimate day of Navarathri or Dusserah celebrations and the goddess of wisdom Saraswathi is propitiated. Mere strength of body or wealth won’t constitute achievement. Man is honored and respected for his wisdom. That is why men of knowledge were honored around the world though they were not rich. Similarly Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were respected due to their intellectual strength. Though people have not recognized their talents at those times, the books on philosophy contain the names of those stalwarts from the recorded history! How Adhi Sankara gained so much of respect? It is his spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Similarly Ramakrishna and Ramana gained many followers for their spiritual achievement and Divine wisdom! There are many scientists, astronomers, geologists and eminent physicist. But their knowledge is restricted to the external world whereas the philosophers gained insight into the inner world which is real achievement. For living in this world comfortably, one needs to gain secular education and knowledge. This will fill up the bellies! But the inner wisdom alone will fill the heart with bliss.

Man is unable to judge, what constitute lasting value. He chooses the ephemeral earthly pleasures as the one to seek. Even after enjoying many varieties of sensual pleasures, he is discontent. This is termed as ‘Divine discontent”. Only after undergoing discontent with paltry pleasures he will be goaded to seek lasting joy and happiness. Evidently, each human being has to seek god one day or other! We have observed in this world many rich people who lack nothing. Unfortunately, they are not happy with the wealth and acquisitions. They want to seek more thinking that more wealth means more happiness. This will lead to discontent and desperation. One day he finds that the wealth he garnered assiduously must be shared with the poor destitute. Then he finds a little happiness welling within himself. Hence real happiness lie in sharing and not in hoarding. Jesus has clearly taught the people around that a camel can pass through a needle hole but no rich man can ascend the Kingdom of God! In every scripture the above truth finds place. The rich gather lot of pride and ego which obstruct their journey in spiritual path!

Rama slay the demon Ravana on this day!

The celebrations remind man of his ancient glory!

In this Dark Age of Kali, many people have forgotten the traditional worship of god and goddess and hence the celebration of such festivals gained importance. At least, during the nine days celebration of Dusserah, people will remember to worship the mother goddess in various manifestations of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi! Today, the final day of Dusserah is celebrated in the name of Vijaya Dasami, the victory day, the victory of goddess over evil forces! On this day Shirdi Saibaba entered into Mahasamadhi during 1918. Legend is Rama conquered the demon Ravana on this day. Hence for several reasons, this day finds importance. On this day, young children are introduced to alphabets by commencing their education. Many schools admit children today. For all auspicious celebration and commencement, this day is earmarked like opening of shop, house warming or performing “Boomi Puja”. Each state in India celebrates this day in a grander manner. For Bengalis, Durga Puja is the main festival occasion! For children, boys and girls this day is a very happy occasion going out with their parents every day to different places where the rituals are performed with pomp and gaiety. We are leading our life in routine mundane way. To make us happy, such religious festivals are conducted everywhere. We meet friends, relatives and neighbors and enquire about their welfare! This breeds comradeship and companionship. We forget our differences and voluntarily seek people and exchange pleasantries. If we are aware of the one truth that all are embodiment of Divine, we won’t entertain differences anymore. When we praise someone, it reaches God seated in our Heart. If we condemn someone, the condemnation goes to God only. Hence we must practice pure love towards all beings on earth. Hence we must practice the dictum “Help ever; hurt never”. Even if we are not able to help, at least desist from hurting others! Love and Non-violence are the two core principles practiced by Indians for several thousands of years. Hence India is the home of various people who sought refuge from the persecutions of religious fanatics around the world!

Children start learning this day!

The importance of VijayaDasami day!

But today due to the onslaught of information technology on the young minds, things turned topsy turvey. We have forgotten our roots and ethos and blindly start copying the manners and cultures of Westerners and hence ancient traditions suffered much. These festivals once again inculcate the ancient ethos and youngsters start learning our ancient heritage. Now we find that youngsters from other countries are evincing interest in our epics and scriptures. They are able to appreciate the great truths contained in ancient Indian philosophy and scriptures. Seeing that others are able to benefit from the ancient Indian culture, slowly our youth also start learning our forgotten treasures!

The importance of Vijaya Dasami day” 1. On this day, Sri Rama conquered Ravana, the demon king. 2. The slaying of Mahisasura by mother Durga. 3. The advent of Madhvacharya on this day 4. The commencement of teaching children has a great significance on this day. Hence from ancient days many such important events coincided with this day! Let us pray mother goddess to grant us victory over our evil propensities, to bless us with prosperity and wealth and grant us Divine Wisdom!

A time for celebration!


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