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The celestial song Bagawat Gita during a great war!

Updated on September 5, 2015

The teaching of Geetha!

Krishna taught Arjuna the great Bagawat Gita during the war!

How the world attracts us? Sometimes, we are unable to extricate from the shackles of attachment towards persons and things of the mundane world. Like the child who is interested in toys and games, we are all interested in varieties of things and gadgets. Also, this is the age of ‘gadgets’ and everyone vie with each other to possess the latest gadgets released in the market. Hence there is a feverish pitch to acquire the gadgets!

But we easily forget one fundamental truth. However sophisticated those gadgets may be, it requires an inbuilt battery to function. If there is no battery inside, the gadget is useless as a trash! We wonder at the faculties of human bodies. Yes, they are no doubt superior to all the species, but if there is no life in that body, it is at once removed from the dwellings and carried to the cemetery or burning ghats.. So, what is the value of human body, if there is no life in it? Likewise, the world is like a pack of cards but for the pervasiveness of Divinity in creation. Because of Divinity, the world is valued; otherwise it is only earth, air, fire, water and sky which can never exist independently. Because of the supreme power penetrating every atom of the universe, we value the creation!

In spite of all the man made pollution, still the world survives, because of the all pervasiveness of Divinity which is also the base for creation. Today, the birthday of Sri Krishna, the full incarnation of God who lived in human body around 5000 years on earth, performed many astounding miracles, saved all those who surrendered to him, enabled the destruction of many a evil forces on earth. The great “Kurukshethra war, decimated millions of soldiers, horses, elephants and many wicked forces in the garb of rulers. The war was fought for upholding justice. Today we are aware how cancer cells are removed by radiotherapy and other ways. During such treatment, even healthy cells are destroyed in human body.

Likewise, during the Great War, even some good people had laid their lives for the sake of upholding the righteous war. In spite of enormous man power and many battalions of forces, the wicked Kauravas (100 brothers), lost their lives in the war. There was no one to perform the last rights of the wicked King Dritharashtra. All his sons perished due to wicked plans. But the noble brothers of Pandava clan (five nos) have won the war due to the protection of Krishna! Thus Krishna saved the earth of wickedness. Initially it may look that the evil has an upper hand but in the end, evil will be annihilated by righteousness! This is the great lesson taught by Krishna.

During the famous war, Sri Krishna imparted the noble teachings of Bagawat Geeta to Arjuna. Even to day, we have the stanzas available for human race. The great teachings belong to the entire mankind. It is not meant for any single race or religion. People throughout the globe can study and follow the intricacies of human life on earth.

I am the Life!


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