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The center and circumference.

Updated on July 31, 2013

All joys emanate only from the Self!

Though this topic resembles a subtitle of mathematics, my intention is to show the comparison to life on earth. Every thing revolves around a center. The pertinent question is 'whether the center undergoes any movement or is at rest. We have some visible examples. In a bicycle the outer wheels are connected to a center point by means of spokes welded to the center. The wheels peripheral undergoes more revolutions compared to the center hub. As the distance from the center is great, there is greater movement or revolution in the outer circumference of a wheel. Imagine the center point as a minute one. Then the movement in the center is more or less negligible. There will be apparently no motion in the inner most point of the center. There will be more movement as the distance from the center increases. This is how a bicycle is designed The spokes convey the rotational motion to the outer circumference of the wheel. Many will doubt, what is the connection between the cycle wheel and our life on earth. If we examine deeply our life has a similar bearing. Here, the inner most center of a human being may be taken as the invisible self or Atma which do not undergo any motion. But man reaches out in the world of actions and perceptions through his senses. The more he moves away from the self into the world, there will be lot of rotations or movements or agitations which will be felt through the mind.

The sages of this ancient land has guided their disciples to remain calm and contented. They have advocated that one should be attached only to the center self and he should not wander in the world through his mind far away from the self. If one aims for peace and joy, he should be attached only to the Self and retrace his steps back from the world. The world can be compared to a desert. Those who tread on the desert sands search for a water source. They will notice 'mirages' which are deceptive and not real. Thinking that there is a lake nearby, he chases the mirage! The mirage too moves away from him. Thoroughly exhausted, he realizes the futility of chasing the mirages. We too are in a similar plight. In this world, we seek illusory joys. We chase them forever but it is always out of reach. The worldly joys are like paper flowers and they were never real. People are enamored by the outer vision. They do not realize that real joy emanates only from the self. Whatever joy we enjoy in the outer world is only a minute fraction of or reflection of the Joy of the Self. Hence always seek real or permanent joy which is everlasting. That bliss we can get when we are attached to the Self is long lasting and it won't decrease under any circumstances.

Children are always fond of toys. The worldly man too is fond of many things which can be compared to the toys children play with. But how long children will play with toys? Till it grows. Then the toys attract him no more. In all the things we seek joy and happiness. It is foolish on the part of man to think that things yield him joy. It is like the imagination of a dog that bones secrete juices. The dogs are always fond of bones.When it bites the bone, it hurts the gums of the dog and blood starts oozing. The dog licks the blood with great gusto thinking that bones secrete the blood. It is its own blood. Likewise all our joys emanate only from the Self and we superimpose the joy we get from the self to the external things.

The blessings in Bliss.


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