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The choice that God didn't have

Updated on July 18, 2016

When it comes to understanding the father of creation, “God,” there is much information to absorb and think about. The most recognized is the Holy Bible. However; many other theologians have written books on different subjects pertaining to such. As well as other people who adhere to different beliefs. This is a short description of what could be one of the creators’ only dilemmas.

The choice that God didn’t have is whether to exist or not and the ability to cease existing. According to the Holy Bible God has always been and will always be. If this is true perhaps this is not as good as it may sound. Just imagine if you were God who is supposed to be everything and you know everything. You have always existed and always will exist, but this existence was not your choice! Wherefore; a theory of why God created man the way he did follows:

God created man in his likeness or with the qualities he most wished he had, the ability to create other life, the ability to make choices, and finally the ability to die. The ability to create and the act of randomness, even though nothing is random when it comes to God, is shown in the beginning stage of human life. This is when all the different sperm fight to fertilize the egg all trying to be the one who get the chance at life.

Last, if one really thinks about life and what it would mean to be God who always has existed and cannot die, then they may come to the conclusion that it perhaps may not be such a great thing to be God. Just imagine that you have always existed and always will exist and that you know everything there is to know and have done everything there is to do perhaps that may be more of a nightmare than a blessing. How boring, you know everything and have done everything and cannot cease to exist or get out of being everything and change into something different. It would be sort of like being stuck in prison forever and ever. This could be why the Holy Bible says that the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth. God gave us what he most wished he had, a life and a death, the opportunity for eternal life, "hopefully," one that is not miserable but awesome.


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