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The complexity of human life and a way out.

Updated on June 16, 2017

The cause of sufferings!

Our senses are outward bound!

Our senses are outward bound. They are created in that fashion to perceive the external world. But this vision is faulty and ephemeral. The senses are perceived through the sense organs. While the body itself is not going to last forever, how can we feel that the senses are permanent? Ever Since creation started, annihilation also has become a part of the process and we observe that all created beings perish after sometime due to various reasons like natural decay, diseases or accidents or natural calamities. For each species of life, certain period of longevity is a norm. But most of the time,we observe that most of the beings pass away before the normal period. The tortoise is destined to live for around 300 + years. A healthy human being is supposed to live for 100 + years but most of the people pass away during their seventies or eighties and some of them die even before sixty years! What are the reasons for premature death or longevity? This could be traced to the DNAs which are rooted to ancestral tree or lineage! The body and mind are interconnected at a deep level. While the mind can never survive without a corresponding body, the body is a mere inert thing without a mind! This can be noticed in patients who are mentally not sound! Hence whatever affects the mind, the same effects are seen in the body also! Doctors are quite aware of this connection. Hence experienced physicians try to assert the cause of the disease in the mental level.

Krishna teaches Uddhava!

Sages have avoided attachments to perishable world!

Sages and wise persons have avoided attachments to the perishable body! They are aware that sooner or later, the body will be consigned back to the elements on death! Death is the only certainty in human life. Whoever takes birth die one day or other. In fact, our heart beats resemble the drum beats to the burial ground!.. With each breath, we are nearing death. Our life is shortened by every day, since our days on earth is numbered. Even while the baby is born, an invisible date is written by the creator for the return of the individual. In Indian Railways, each wagon is marked as ‘return by month and year. As several wagons are connected to an engine, each wagon bears a different period marked as return month and date. In a similar fashion, our return dates are pre-determined. Call it fate or destiny, it is our own making! We are preparing the noose by our actions on earth and the god of death visits us on the particular moment and take hold of the noose. His job is made simple. He need not exert to throw the noose around our neck. We are ourselves keeping it ready for his catch. The funny thing in this world is that people who are going to die are weeping over the death! Their term will come soon. The highest wisdom a man can gain is about the impermanence of life itself! When he becomes aware that his life too will end one day, he won’t exert himself in accumulating trash and tinsel which we call as properties and wealth. When our life itself is ephemeral, how the wealth and properties are permanent. Wealth and properties must serve man. But today we find that man has become a slave to wealth and properties. Ask the wealthy, ‘for whose sake you are hoarding wealth;, he will reply that it is for the sake of my grand children and great grandchildren. So we are creating a lazy generation who need not exert to earn? In this way, we are doing disservice to them and we are not helping them.

Love your work

The earth is field of action for every individual.

God has granted each baby with two hands and feet! It is for performing work. The earth is known as a ‘field of action’. Each person has to toil to earn his food by his sweat. . Doctors advise even the richest man to walk at least one kilometer a day to be in good health. He may possess number of vehicles and servants. Yet, for the sake of his health, he has to abandon the fleet of vehicle and walk a distance of at least a kilometer! Look at the Japanese people! They work like honey bees! They won’t care for their comforts. They respect work and labor. This must be the policy of each human being on earth for his own welfare. Nowadays, people want recreation, relaxation and rest. What is rest? “Change of work is really rest! When you are going on doing one single work, you will become monotonous. But, switch over to some other work. Then you won’t feel any burden! These are all the secrets of performance of works without strain. If we develop a feeling that the work we perform is taxing, we will be stressed which will lead to depression. On the other hand, “Like the work to which you are allotted. Develop interest and love for the work. Then there won’t be any burden. There is one more way to enjoy our work. Do not bother about the results of your work. Perform it for work sake or duty sake. Do not bother about the outcome.

One has to get rid of his past effects of deeds!

This is what Lord Krishna taught to the warrior Arjuna in the battle field. Arjuna was disillusioned and he was ready to withdraw from the war itself.It is your duty and hence perform it without any likes and dislikes. Do your duty and surrender the results to me! This is applicable even to day. Each one of us perform some tasks with an eye on the end results. The task become flawed once we aspire for the results. Simply performing the works as duties and forget the outcome. Thus you are nearing the aim of human life. The ultimate aim of life is to realize our own identity with the Supreme. This is possible only when all the past effects of deeds are completely erased. We need to undergo good and bad results, which we inadvertently performed during several of previous births. Each such action is waiting to bear fruit. Unless we experience each results, our life will not get fulfillment! Hence work out the results keeping your mind on god. One day you will be rid of both good and bad effects and we will achieve freedom from human life once for all.

Unless we undergo past effects, we won't be released from the cycle of births and deaths!

Do you agree that you are the architect of your own life?

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