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The concept of Christianity and religions creating the Pantheon of Hells

Updated on April 22, 2016


I was curious as to the nature of learned scholars in the creation of Satanism in the Christian church. Did the church actually create the people that they despised? It wasn't until the advent of Satan and the Devil in the Christian Bible that real branches of Christianity become evident. They created the witches and satanists that they despised. Why not they had to have some sinners to blame as well as the many branches of faiths they despised. Many times the moral texts were included in the spiritual body and then written about, it would have been a different story and yet "Thou shall not kill." Never stopped any Christian from slaughtering and raping children and nations. Ironic, not really they did it for Christ remember as his representation of suffering lived. It was a long reign in Hell, for he would not see the totality of it, cowards in text rarely see anything. Had he lifted from the pages, in times of need then it may have spoken through his truth, in Spirit more than burnt crosses and hanged men.

Let them judge, their piety was never seen for the rape of the minds they damned to Hell.

I was all inclusive in my beliefs, I believed in everyone's ability to believe in their own faiths. It was different before they penned his death to the cross, then in nature there was some recognition that the spirit of man was nature's creation and the churches and temples, mosques flourished, while the trees were clear cut for their books and worship. Nature was gentle and provided humanity and nature tools to survive the days when some would return to the communion of the great spirit, the entire holy family in belief together, then they would fight over control as was the usual.

None would win though, for God is sometimes invisible to the fights of angels and daemons. It was that Grace and Mercy, no not Grace even though forgiveness of righteous innocence was Grace and death to the hatred that was created once. Grace, my forgiveness to the Angel of Mercy, had been in lines on man through out the entire kingdom and none saw much of the Grace that man did make in nature. Death often comes in the transformation of the foundations of old religions into the new life of the present. Buddhists failed too, to see that their worlds of hell were of their need to punish the lamb of the land for morality that was in nature unseen, except through innocence of the nature of being. I would tell them, yet they do not deserve it.

"Be your own light and path in life." Not to emulate the foundations of death, yet to write your own life. If that be in the fallen then in them be right to bare witness to the judged harmed in life. I would forgive even the Sorted details for it was a story of the entire being of life. Hiding in each others clothing, when the house hates the spirit or when our robes are not of the colors of our flags or houses. I was in my belief at least fair to have believed. The view from this chair, much like my life, unchanged. I would watch as the unions see the sides they landed on, be wise to know what Aura was in the shedding. And the cost of one layer leaving was the same they damned my heart to and I would with hold them rebirth into the Earth if my will was made, so none may see the true Christ or Buddha in, they had hidden in nature of all to protect the truths. I loved them too much, that I endangered them all. I think that happened in History once before.

Be blessed that the familiar is my greatest weakness, the longing faces, the senses of life that are then in the red lines of the rivers you never see. Until on the field of battle they do fall on the ash, the ashen lands of needles and dirt or soils that cursed my life to death for infected eyes saw the hatred given for my price, with Grace I said "Thank you, I know what you did for 'ME'." For??? Never mind the houses then were so ugly once, I prayed that they turned all against my heart, like I said they would. Until they in the house I knew, I like my work destroyed knew another calling. Nothing.

They were warned, that it would be the reunion song once, the houses in their mind's eye would be awaken save for the innocence in my Heart that in my Hall of nature would be seen. Then that they know they walked in nature all the time too. It was the nature of life once to think that "My house was better than your house." This house being the once my spirit will leave one day. He would not walk the entire history in his judgment, as I told her I would. She was a coward too for my sister as Mary would suffer the worst fate and I would spare her, the lose of her Heaven and lord.

Shame that I banished my dreams to sit in judgment and be a tool to heal an ugly women's heart and need to by proxy fix herself. Her shame is eternal, she will never be fixed for her role as the played victim, for she was him as well in his flesh. She would damned the cross as hers, and crucify all to be a mother again, yet she may not lateralize the burden to see suffering and feel again. She is outside feeling now and her weight lifted. She is her own enemy, and she knows it. Let her, it is all she has now just women and you. They know, that is why you are painful to hear.

We all in robes would see the familiar in each other in days past and to come. It had been before that we had been seen. You seen in the pasts that the faces were never shown, re-birthed centuries later to different pigments as well, but familiar. Sitting in a high chair like the ancients requires, nothing. Just do not judge, let them fight as they did for eons. I would, yet think that they would then in that mean another thing all together. "You are Just, Helping her." that may be the Dead, or the living. No matter it was a nightmare once, to think we lived in the robes we wore. Being the other world, the ancient temple, tempo music men and women to the rhythm of life. Muses are needed in death to give life, having said that your house would fall without the Grace and Mercy, that forgiveness brought from life to death and life again in the other land where sleepers live.They think I am fighting, no just nothing better to do in eternity.

That was once, they hid in the common to protect their lights from the house. She was there with them as well, and truth the whole cast walked in the Earth hidden in robes of the fourth house, the unseen house. I think they were wise then to be in beings that were not ordained, for that was the illusion once. I would have blamed them, the Houses of religion, yet I saw they were just as innocent as the sin they hated. All was forgiven there once too, and then they created their Hell, I have nothing except thoughts to offer, that it was none of anyone's business the life I lived since the Earth made it, as a whole of my lie, the lie that they cared at all about spirit, and beliefs.

I suppose to protect the true Hearts of nature. I would never see that in the shedding of the final layers of my house. I would say this, my family in Heaven would be in my hide away. That they had walked in nature was the nature of the fallen beliefs they carried. Christ was not in the footsteps that carried or walked besides you, you carried him and that religion in all your life. They were your weight, their strength your belief. I would still sit with them for they were my Brothers and fathers, as Magic was my grandmother too. Be wise to know my life, not that "Sorted." given the "Big Picture of the Earth and Spirit." Look at the communion with Nature. I made heaven all inclusive, so it would never be destroyed again. Some needed the rest, to show them their walk in spirit as well otherwise the lamed would be light and free of their Karma.



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    • Steven Lindquist profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Philip Lindquist and aliases in nature 

      2 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota United [divided] States of the Americas

      They found another, not that seeds of one fruit make the same lines or fruit. It was that they betrayed themselves, had they seen the meaning clearly they would have maybe asked. None did and that was their damnation. Grace may have stolen your words to harm itself, the word. Let the tree be what the Barren harvest knows, that the life force was man, and the shed was in blood shed too of thoughts. Tricks to make judgment a play, yet the tree spoke my heart and I wasted my last dream on book making , for Nature was kind to creation with the advent of the Internet. It saves the forest, and protects it's design. All nature would give man tools one day to create the re-birth of the kingdom shared, in glory. Where man could live in form and spirit in nature once again.


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