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The concept of subject and object!

Updated on December 14, 2013


The mysterious relationships between subject and object!

An object gains credence due to an observer. Both are interdependent. An object without any observer or an observer without any object has no meaning at all. Albert Einstein has invented the famous equation E=MC2. But that equation has no meaning if there is no observer of the motion. All scientific theories presuppose the presence of an observer or otherwise the inventions have no meaning at all.

Likewise, the creation is valid because of the observer. The creator has created everything in pair. He gave hunger to the beings and provided the necessary food. Everything in creation has a deeper meaning. Without a carpenter, furniture can not be manufactured or assembled. Likewise, we are observing the world and various phenomena around us. How can we assert that everything has happened on its own?

Now, we analyze the situation a little deep. For instance, you observe a hill at a distance. The question is, ‘whether the hill has entered into your vision or your eye has sought the view of the hill? To answer this, we can take the case of sound. We hear sounds since the sound waves travel through space and reach your ear. Likewise, we may conclude that objects reach your eyesight and we cognize them.

In some of my previous hubs, I have tried to combine the ‘seer and seen’ phenomena. It is evident that without a ‘seer’, the ‘seen’ have no validity. All the five senses convey the sensory inputs through the sense organs to the brain. The brain constructs the picture or deciphers the signals of sound or smell or touch. Is it enough if the brain reconstructs the image (since the images falling on the eye screen are upside down)? No! Here, we need the help of the mind. It is common to hear people shouting when they are angry, ‘mind your own businesses! They are not saying ‘brain your own businesses. Hence, the mind is the vital link between the individual and outside world. The functions of sensory organs, neuron transmitters and brain are different but the process is not complete until the mind gets the input from the brain! Brain does not have any feelings or emotions! It is like the computer monitor that simply exhibits the results or data as fed.

For clarity sake, we can compare the two. The existence of a computer system with appropriate software is not enough. Human interface is needed to read the output or manipulating or editing them. The invention of computer system and internet is meant for quickening the work styles of human beings. Before the invention of computer and internet, everything was done manually like the typewriters, and postal delivery network.

For instance, if there is no human species, the entire creation will look bizarre. It is the interaction of human beings with the world of creation that gives value to the creation. Animals’ species does not possess speech or reasoning faculties. Their existence is purely based on instincts. But human beings can speak, reason out and discriminate between good and bad. He can choose his food, his cloths and he can adept to any situations. The existence of a creator behind the creation is found by sages and saints through their intuitive powers obtained through rigorous meditation. They have codified the conduct of human beings in society. Based on their guidance, many generations of human beings survived and filled the nook and corners of the entire world.

The creator has blessed man with discrimination. After enjoying all the pleasures senses offer, man has found that the sensual pleasures are ephemeral. Birth and death taught them the impermanence of human life. This set him into thinking and he was after eternal joy and existence. For the purpose of bringing human life into fruition, the creator has placed in each man the knowledge of eternal self or atma. But most of the human beings focus their life on external environment like enjoyments and earning wealth. He was aware that he can not carry a grain of sand when he dies. After persistent efforts, the sages obtained wisdom and Divine knowledge. They shared the knowledge with common man to heighten his conscious.

Though there was only One power before creation, God has created everything to share his love and joy with the creation. It has become possible since God has projected himself as the creation and created beings. He plunged man into delusion by the illusory power of the mind. He is the subject as well as object and the cognizing power. This is the real trinity. Hence it is said that man has to go beyond the mind in order to realize the self. In that state, the seer and seen and the process of seeing coalesce and become ONE!


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