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The creator cannot be gauged with our limited intelligence!

Updated on February 2, 2017

God contains all

Our life on this planet!

As we consider living on this planet, the most important resources seems to be wealth, water, and dwelling, clean environment and good governance which may afford subsidized health facilities and peaceful contented life for one and all. Of course, no government can induce contentment in any of the citizens. It needs to be practiced and developed by each individual. It is for the same reason that moral education has become an essential limb in academic syllabus. It is the moral teachers who can point out the danger of greed in human life to the children from the age of five. Yes, young minds grasp things without much trouble. Their heart is tender and they accept the lessons from moral classes without any question! It is the elders and students of 15 year age will question everything. Rational thoughts slowly enter in the mind of adolescents. Elders have their own view on each and everything and none can force them to follow certain disciplines which are required for leading the life. Villagers raise ‘snake gourd’ plant in their backyard. When the snake gourd starts growing, the villagers will tie a small stone at the bottom. When it grows a little more, a bigger stone is attached. Otherwise, the snake gourd will become coiled and it is difficult to harvest, store and market the produce. People prefer only straight gourd and it won’t occupy much space! This analogy is meant for training young minds by disciplining their habits and ways. Thus moral instructions are worth teaching in young minds.

God has time for everything

The need for moral classes in our curriculum!

In Western countries, Bible classes were routine. The children are taught about Jesus and his life. They were trained in choir and carol singing. They were taught stories from the Bible. Slowly, those children learn about Jesus and the activities of Church. They easily imbibe the teachings of Bible classes. In India too, from ancient days, village temples were used to impart singing about god’s glory and chanting of the names of god. Congregational singing has great effect on the minds of children. Also, the vibrations disinfect the atmosphere, polluted by greed and hate! Obedience to parents and teachers are taught to the children. Thus they will start revering the parents and teachers.

Finding deplorable state to which world is descending, many sages and saints started certain programs to teach young children. It was kindergarten spiritual lessons. It need not be religion specific. It is mostly how children should behave towards elders, parents, teachers and their friends. The attempts may seem insignificant to outsiders. But, when those children grow into youth, the foundation courses on morals and spirituality will stand as a good support and guide for their future life! There are many mysteries surrounding human life and the creation. Many assume that there must be some super power with supreme intelligence which enabled creation. The nature around us is fascinating. We are ignorant how god has enabled so much of living beings in different species like animals, birds, insects and reptiles. How they live, what they eat, how they grow and manipulate. These are really secrets behind the creation. Biology is such a vast subject, it envelop the entire living beings such as human, animals, birds, fishes and other reptiles. Now, serious research is undertaken by many researchers around the globe about the various species, their environments, food and their survival. Even with the help of advanced computer systems, researchers are able to touch only the peripherals of living species.

The traffic controllers

No words can glorify the creator who is beyond the mind and intellect!

In the present day material environment, computers have become an essential part in all disciplines of life. Various governments in the world have recognized this reality and many governments are embracing E-Governance for most of the essential programs that involve the citizen’s welfare. Thus the citizens are spared from running from pillar to post to receive basic welfare measures from the offices of government. To provide banking facilities, many online programs are in place. Similarly bill payments, ticket booking and retail purchases have become easy. This has become possible since the governments have recognized the need to fulfil the basic essentials for their citizen. For this considerable fund allocation is essential. There must be trained personnel to operate such systems and deliver the outputs to the needy citizens. Now let us go into the Universe wherein in addition to living beings, there is ocean system, space and planetary systems that orbit around the Sun. Our universe is only a Nano particle compared to the Milky Way which is a minute dot in the galaxy! Even within a town, traffic controllers are needed to control the even flow of traffic without major accidents. Many automatic signal systems are provided in crowded road junctions to regulate the traffic in addition to manual control by traffic police. The space is immeasurable and the space contains many millions of galaxies with trillions and trillions of stars! How they are regulated without collision. Who is the invisible traffic controller who monitors the space with enormous debris, asteroids, and other unknown items? Yes, it is the powerful intelligence who is trillions and trillions times superior to giant computers we make. He illuminates everything remaining incognito. We marvel at the energy of Sun. The creator is infinite time powerful than the Sun! Can we gauge the supreme with our finite mind?

Let God drive!

The controller of the creation is infinite!

Do you consider that the world is the outcome of superior intelligence?

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