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The creator is immanent in the creation and cosmos!

Updated on September 17, 2014

He pervades the creation and cosmos!

God resides in every atom of the Universe!

There is a piece of shirt cloth and if you want to stich a shirt out of it, you give it to the tailor. What he does? He cuts the cloth to the required dimensions and then stitches it to the required shape and style. First, it was whole (unity). Then he cuts it (diversity). Finally, he stitches the pieces together (unity).

Creation is more or less similar. First a part of the full is projected as creation. The creation is sustained for a long time till one yuga or aeon is complete. Again, the entire creation is absorbed by the Full, termed as God or Self. We must see Unity everywhere. Diversity is the observation of the mind. The mind is dual and hence visualizes every little thing as diverse or different. Thus each individual considers himself as separate from others. This is only an apparent diversity and it is not real. In fact, as the invisible thread that pass through the flowers to make a garland, God invisibly dwells in the creation! We need the eyes of wisdom to look at the underlying principle that binds one and all. But the scriptures and sages were vocal in revealing the fundamental fact that it is God who is seen as the creation and the various living beings, plants and trees, birds and animals and varieties of insects and fishes! In the famous Bagawat Gita songs sung by Lord Krishna, He clearly mentions to Arjuna that the world of creation is a projection of His Will and it is a part of Him.

Even if you consider logically, there was none before creation! Hence the Advaita philosophy clarifies that there is always ONE only and there is no second entity! This clearly shows us that whatever is perceived as the world of creation cannot be other than the ONE! We can give a very clear example about this. Cotton is the basic raw material for clothes. First threads are extracted from the cotton. From the thread, clothes are woven either manually or by machines. If you look at the cloth, cotton will never be visible. But on careful analysis we can find that ‘cotton’ is the base for cloth! Likewise God is like the cotton which went into the making of creation. But god cannot be seen in the creation, yet he is the base. We have seen beautiful mansions, palaces and temples around many places. But, those structures can never stand by themselves over the ground. Each such massive structure is founded on deep foundations which rests on solid rock or uniform hard earth surfaces. The deeper the foundation, it can rise taller. None can aver that there is no foundation! Without the foundation, the superstructure will collapse like a pack of card. It is earth which gives stability to the structure above. In addition, massive foundation using conventional materials go into the pit to make the foundation footings. Nowadays reinforced concrete bases are laid over which columns are raised. The columns transmit the load to the foundation and then to the soil beneath. Hence before designing the structure, the bearing capacity of the soil is investigated. Each kind of soil has different bearing capacities. Now let us view the third example. There is milk in a vessel. Can anybody show the location of butter in the milk? NO. But, butter is pervading throughout the milk. Only by a special process, butter can be extracted. It requires, boiling, curdling and churning.

Likewise God cannot be seen by us in the creation by our naked eyes. We have to intuitively understand that the basis of creation is only God! Again god has no form. Hence humanity ascribes many forms to god. There is nothing wrong in that. We can assume god as a mother, father, child or lover and also as a dear friend. In fact, Arjuna considered Lord Krishna as his best friend! We need not posit any difference between god and creation. In fact, the entire creation is permeated by God invisibly. Everyone here is God, whether we believe it or not. Hence Sri Sathya Saibaba always emphasized that everyone here is verily God! He has said, I AM GOD, YOU ARE GOD, I KNOW THAT I AM GOD BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD! What a fine explanation?

This is the fundamental Truth about creation. Because everyone considers himself as separate from the rest, there is lot of strife and hatred and people descend to the lowest level by killing their own brethren or hurting them in many ways. This is what we witness in the world today. Many countries are attacking people residing in several areas. They consider that they are aliens from space. Everyone is the child of God. God never distinguishes one man from other. Only due to pure ignorance, man commits many atrocities against his own brethren! There is one more thing. We have to hate the sin and not the sinner! The bodies which commit all wrong and evil deeds are really inert. It is being manipulated by the mind driven by emotions and anger. Hence the sin lies in the mind and sub conscious. Hence if at all we have to point our finger, Hate the Sin and not the sinner. By this way, we would be careful not to commit the same sin which we hate in others!


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