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The deciding factor of our Life!

Updated on September 27, 2013

Differences are the effects of the past.

Actions and reactions!

What is the deciding factor of our life? Is it fate or luck or any other imponderable reasons? This is a major topic of interest for both believers and non-believers! There must be some precondition for the birth of a baby apart from other natural reasons. Every baby is born in this world due to the accumulated effects of past several births as per Hindu scriptures! But rationalist will never buy this argument. Many religions do not consider the possibility of a rebirth.

There are certain assumptions we have to make before arriving at the possible answers to the riddle of rebirth. One who believes in the existence of a super power and accepts that the superpower is compassionate and rendering justice to all beings according to their acts.If you take God as Love and Justice, then that God will never inflict pain on any being! Then why there is huge disparities between each baby during the birth. Some children are born in affluent families while some other babies are born in very poor families. Some are healthy at birth and some other are ill even during birth. Some are maimed or handicapped even in birth. Some children die early due to malnutrition and diseases. Some children grow up hale and healthy and lead a normal life. If God is justice, why he allowed such anomalies in creation?

In fact, the earth, air, water, sunlight are common to all whether they are rich or poor or hailing from different regions of earth! One factor we should notice is that the time is common for all beings on earth. Every body goes through the 24 hour cycle of time. It is not more for the rich or less for the poor. What really differentiate the life of each baby is 'where it is born, the status of the parents, affluence or poverty which is predominant in its life. We say that some babies are born with a silver spoon! This differentiation is not definitely due to injustice in creation. What decides our birth is our own actions and desires.

The common example is the seed of a tree. One man plants a mango seed. After some years, he will have access to mango fruits! The other one plants a neem or margosa seed. The outcome is a neem tree which gives bitter fruits. Having planted neem seed, you can not expect to reap mango fruits.

Having done bad deeds in the previous births, we can not reap good fortune. Also the good deeds performed in the previous births will never go waste. At the appropriate time, it will give the fruits of good fortune.But we have to remember one thing. No body is cent percent perfect or no one is completely evil. Every one is a mixture of good and evil but the percentages may vary according to the mindset of each individual. Whether our good actions negate the bad actions is a great question. In Banking system of accounts, it is quite permissible to add up both debits and credits to arrive at a net balance. But in the realm of human beings, it is quite different. Every individual has to undergo the results of both good actions and bad actions separately! If you have hurt others, the hurt will come back to you automatically. You can never avoid it. This is the main reason for good people to suffer and bad people to prosper!

In every society, good people always complaint about their sufferings. They plead with God in their prayers accusing god "Why should i undergo these troubles in spite of being honest, good and straight forward. Of course God will not answer this directly but in course of time, we will intuitively understand the "cause and effect' laws. When Newton found out that every action begets equal and opposite reaction:, it is applicable not alone to the physical world but it equally applies to human life also. Hence many scriptures ask the aspirants to "Do good, Be good and you will reap goodness! We notice in the media and newspapers that many atrocities committed against innocent people including women and children. Some times they may escape from the hands of law but they can never escape from the irrevocable law of creation that one has to undergo the effects willy nilly. There is no escape from the court of God!

We find in the history books, the gory end of many dictators who ruled their countries with an iron hand.There is a proverb saying that the Sun will never set in the British Empire! It may hold true only to a particular period of time. Now see the conditions of the so called leading countries of the world. They are struggling to boost up their economy. They have to safeguard the lives of many of their citizens due to terrorist activities. Huge portion of their budget is spent on defense and anti spying activities. Hence none is invincible. Every one or every country has to undergo the effects of the past. There is a proverb; "If a car carries a boat now, the boat also some times carries cars.

Hence, we can conclude logically that the deciding factor of any life on earth is the results of its own past actions! Hence HELP EVER; HURT NEVER!


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