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The dormant seed of the spirit!

Updated on March 18, 2013

The all knowing Krishna as a baby1

Self is the reality of all beings!

As each being takes birth in the world, God has already placed two seeds in the being. One is for perpetuation of the family and the other one is for "Self-Realization". This second seed lies dormant for many lives in man until he develops distaste for the sensual pleasures of the world. Yes, 'detachment' is the trigger for the growth of the secret seed of 'self-knowledge which leads to 'self-realization'. Saibaba has told this fact to the gathering of students and devotees during one of His Divine Discourses. The problem with man is the so called 'free-will or choice making. Though there is no 'free will' in man, if we examine deeply, for the sake of living, we coin such words. Really, no man on earth is "FREE" to have a 'free will". The fact is God alone is Free to exert His will on the creation. Many readers may argue over this point but kindly go through the reasons for my conclusion.

Every one of us is 'dependent' on many things and persons for leading our life comfortably here. None is 'independent' in the real sense of the term. From the basic needs to more complex things, we need the help of many in daily life. From the morning 'bed coffee' till we sleep in the night, our needs are fulfilled by the family and society. If there is some sort of strike, we do not get the bed coffee as usual. Sometimes we may have to forgo that. All essential supplies are made by some body. It is the milk vendor, grocery man, the launderer, the gas supplier, the vegetable vendor..... like that the list goes on. The fundamental question is 'can we manage our own needs and supplies without depending any outside force or person? Absolutely NOT! To day our survival badly depend upon our mobile phones and laptop! If there is a 'sudden black out of electricity' due to some natural calamity, how you will survive? The recent happenings in the US and in some other western countries are the case points. Hence, we are never independent and the so called choices and decisions are based on the circumstances we confront in life. Hence we are bound by time, place and causation! Then how you can consider yourself as a 'free' individual? You are forced to take certain decisions based on the compulsions of family, profession and the society!

Hence, to revive the dormant seed which helps you to evolve in self-knowledge requires certain conditions. One must become disgusted with the way of life, he leads. The impermanence of material things as a whole and the mortal nature of human beings must be understood first. First of all, 'how we lead our life? What is the aim of most of the people here on earth? It is to live comfortably, happily for ever. These two aims are just 'mirages'. No one in this world can lead a comfortable life for ever as every day brings its own sorrows and joy. The wealth we gather here, the properties we acquire can not be carried to the other world after our death! Every one has to depart one day whether he is an emperor or beggar. Even the incarnations of God have ceased to exist when they closed their earthly carrier. We are constantly chasing perennial bliss which is not found anywhere on earth. The baby will become a child, then a boy or girl, become young man or lady soon. Along the corner waits the middle age and old age. Within a span of sixty years, the baby goes through many stages of life like playing with toys and playing with mates. Ultimately it has to undergo the old age soon. It looses the glow of the skin, the hair turn white, there is shiver in the expression, dimness of the vision and short of hearing. One day it becomes just like a baby to be assisted by some one.

Hence along with age, we should gain wisdom too to differentiate between the real and unreal. Whatever changes can never be real. The only reality of every one on the earth is the Self within all. We have to introvert our vision from the outer world to the inner realm to make the dormant hidden seed of 'self knowledge' to sprout and yield the Bliss!


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