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The downfall of society is brought by Ego and Selfishness of few!

Updated on July 1, 2016

Reasons for suffering

We have disregarded human values!

The intensity of crimes and a spate of natural calamities have become a very common feature nowadays. Though this scenery has become more rampant during the past few years, this sort of downward spiral in human values is an eyesore. This evidently point out to one fact. Morality and human value system has occupied the backseat now! Not a day passes without report of suicide bomb blasts killing scores of people, isolated cases of perversions in humanity is seen everywhere and the media too takes pleasure in reporting such crimes in their front page. (Evidently for sales promotion). It depicts that animal qualities have occupied the psyche of human beings. Again, we have to blame only the technology for this down gradation of human beings. From children to grandfathers, every one flaunts a smartphone or tablet. It is more common to find children in front of desktops rather watching TV.

Yes, the net offers diverse ways to become characterless and indifferent people in society. We cannot blame the children. It is we, who introduced the smartphone and laptops to our children. Initially, it is for the main purpose of showing ‘cartoon clips” to engage the children. Now it has become its habit. Children, snatching the smartphones, from their parents is no new theme. The children are aware to operate “You tube” and select their pieces of cartoon! In course of time ‘prohibited adult sites’ are accessed by them in a year or two. They get exhilaration to watch such sites secretly away from their parent’s attention. Hence, it is vital that parents keep a watch of the activities of their children on net. Nowadays grandparents are more interested in browsing the net for sheer time pass. But to prevent the children handling the smartphone is the best precaution!

Ills of technology!

Loss of morals is worse than terrorism!

We are all worried about the activities of terrorists everywhere. But the social platforms harm the society more than terrorism! Every day, we hear about cheats and goons hiding behind many sites and attracting the innocent youngsters in many ways. A careless browsing will land those youngsters in peril. Who can rescue them later, when their personal data is leaked to such cheats. In a way, it would be prudent to remain a little out of date with the technology! Computer as a tool of learning is good. But it should be restricted to education only!

The members of a society are socially responsible for all people. They cannot neglect a certain category. If there are aberrations in society, it will affect one and all. For example, I am driving my vehicle consciously obeying the traffic rules and signals. If the driver in opposite direction is rash driving without following any rules, the likelihood of myself involved in head on collision is more. Hence, while driving on the road, we have to be extra cautious not to hurt others due to rash driving. In a similar manner, I can control my children in the house. If the neighbor’s son is a ‘vagabond”, I have to be extra cautious not to let out my children out when the neighbor’s son is around!

Unity is real strength!

Wars caused by hatred and Ego!

Many countries lost precious lives due to the dictatorial attitudes of certain leaders. The world war and subsequent damages are incalculable. It all started from minor scuffle. When this snowballed into a great war, countries taking sides with one or other were forced into the war inadvertently. Who won the world war? None has won the war literally. All sides suffered extensive damages in lives and properties. Wisdom prevailed only after the war. We cannot blame any single country or person. It was like a huge tidal wave swept across vast areas!

If we look back at the events that culminated into world wars, it is pure hatred and selfishness of leaders of several countries. No peace loving nation will keep quiet, if there is deliberate assault on their borders and people! Those who were cruel dictators ended their own life. Sadly, even after seventy years of culmination of world wars, still people hate one another and there is no amity anywhere. In spite of Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi, people have no tolerance and comradeship. “The brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God” can illumine the mind of disgruntled beings around the world.

The feeling of separateness, due to ego is the main cause of disunity between people. They are not aware that everyone in this world is connected by the invisible thread of God. Flowers may be of different hues and colors but the garland is one. Human beings are many but the earth is one. Birds are many but the sky is one. It is the politicians who drive a wedge among different people of a single country. They do it purposely for their own selfish ends. People must never follow such selfish minded people. They must listen to the wisdom of great people in leading their life on earth. The world has enough resources to feed everyone but it cannot cater to the greed of a few people! In spite of many religions, many scriptures, many preceptors, people have lost peace and harmony. Hence it is incumbent on each individual to follow moral way of life with love and tolerance! “Help Ever; Hurt Never”. The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray!


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