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The earthquake in Nepal

Updated on April 25, 2015

Human sufferings!

For the past several days, natural calamities are on the increase. Though they occur in different parts of the globe, the sufferings that follow the calamities are huge and painful for the common citizens. None had thought, things will turn scary in moments. We have witnessed the storm in Australia for three days continuously, an earthquake in Japan, volcono erruption in cili and to day in yet another place. The earthquake that shattered Nepal today is devastatic, given the situation there. In the earthquake as per the latest figures, roughly 700 people have lost their life and many people have lost their houses and valuables. The first aid that was rushed is from India.

No government can fully compensate the losses of life and properties of the affected citizens. The so called relief will reach the affected after a long wait. Already Nepal suffered political instability for the last few years. There is no amity between the different leaders. At least on the sad calamity, all people must come together to work out the relief and rehabilation part. For majority of the people around the world, it is yet another news about a great disaster somewhere. Those who are there in the place alone can feel the sufferings people undergo. Already Nepal had underwent many tragedies politically. Let the aftermath of the earthquake bring people closely together to deal with the emergencies!

Why the earth is visited by continuous tragedies. Every day, the news channels depict very sad events around the world. None would like to watch the News channels any more. Of course, the instant communications enable the world to assist the people there. When Nature strikes, man has only one source to fall back. It is the Almighty who alone can protect the affected and comfort them individually. Hence let us pray for those affected in the grave tragedy atleast by participating in prayers. In fact, when we pray for others, it would be most effective. Praying for others is a holy service. We may not able to physicaly help the affected people but mentally we can pray from wherever we are!

Every individual in the world suffers due to many causes. It may be physical pain or mental grief or environmental problems. The scriptures are clear about this aspect of human life. We all undergo alternating pain and pleasure. Nothing lasts. As the experience of joy vanish, grief occupy the slot. This is like the waves of the ocean. Fast and furious, the waves approach the shore, only to recede back. Hence, every event will pass and some other event will take place. Three reasons are putforth in the scriptures for human sufferings. Every individual voluntarily commits some acts which are sure to bring appropriate results sooner or later.

People wantenly hurt others without caring for the sufferings that is due to the hurt. One need not physically assault others. Even a harsh word or ill feeling will cause distress in others. But we are not aware that each of this acts remain to be retributed at a later date in different circumstances. It is a simple logic of action and reaction which is applicable to all life in the world. Man commits many mistakes. He hurts his own brothern, neighbors and others. The same will retaliate in strange circumstances. I have read one incident in the discourses of Sathya Saibaba!

When Sathya Saibaba was living in Prasanthi Nilayam, one day a couple with two children visited the place. They are from affluent society. They requested one eminant person there to reqest Saibaba to grant them audience or personal interview. Probably they came there to request the help of Saibaba in some problem. The person interceded on their behalf, requested Saibaba to grant them audience. But Saibaba kept quiet but said the children are blind! This evoked much sympathy to the man who wrent to the couple and enquired whether their children are blind? The mother was in grief and affirmed and she agian requested the gentleman to request Saibaba once again!

The second time, the gentleman went to Saibaba and requested Baba since their conditon is pitiable. Saibaba kept quiet. The next morning, Saibaba asked the gentleman to read a news item that appeared in a news paper. The news was about a step mother who blinded the step children cruelly! The gentleman was sad to read the news. Saibaba asked him, "how will you react to this? The gentleman said, 'he will blind the eyes of the step mother! Baba said, "God never reacts in this manner.. The same children are born blind to the women in the next birth so that she undergoes the pain! As far as the children are concerened, leave them to my care. They will remain happy! This is how God enables the people to learn their lesson in a bitter way. This is how law of karma works. This episode is writtent for all to lead moral lives, adore God, abhor sin.

Finally I remember here the instruction, "HELP EVER, HURT NEVER! Let us all pray for the affected people and may God alliviate their sufferings soon!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Thank you once again manatita44. Sometimes I felt that I should not express so many things when there is a calamity!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Interesting story today. Great messages and lessons there. Much peace.