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The Effect of the Supernatural on Animals!

Updated on June 8, 2020

The universe is full of phenomena which we do not understand yet, with our limited knowledge of nature and science. Lothar Schafer, the illustrious physical chemist from the university of Arkansas has pointed out that, elementary particles of matter can exert long instantaneous forces on each other and can be said to have mind-like properties. Thus the universe is full of such long distance connections. Alfred North Whitehead the English mathematician and philosopher said, "It is impossible to meditate on time and the mystery of nature without an overwhelming emotion at the limitations of human intelligence."

A strong case can be made in favor of this argument by taking into view the occurrences at the Overtoun Bridge. These occurrences point very strongly at the influence of supernatural on the cognition of animals. The biggest reason why we have very limited number of accounts of this kind of peculiar effects is that the existence of such a phenomenon does not even cross the minds of most of the investigators. Very less study has been conducted in this area and most of the mainstream academia does not consider this subject as a serious topic of research.

Strange happenings commenced after the completion of this bridge in 1895. This bridge was built over the Overtoun Burn in order to complete the approach road to the Overtoun House which is today protected as a Category A listed building. The unprecedented happenings of numerous dog deaths brought notoriety to this place. Approximately 55 dogs dove to their death from the Overtoun Bridge which is built at a height of around 50 feet.

The most bizarre fact about this set of occurrences is that most of the dogs jumped from the same spot on the bridge. Other similarities were:

  • All of the dogs were domestic dogs.
  • All of the dogs were of the long muzzle breeds.
  • All of the dogs leapt during similar weather conditions.

Many different organisations tried to explain these baffling events but were more or less unable to do so. Perhaps the most famous explanation was put forward by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. An animal behaviorist David Sexton was sent to investigate the causes of the above mentioned incidents. In order to analyse the facts of the case comprehensively, he took into account the observations of Dr. David Sands who was a canine psychologist. Dr. Sands had previously examined all the variables that might have affected the sight, the smell or the hearing of the poor animals. However David Sexton finally converged his thoughts to the variables that might have affected the scent of the deceased dogs. He discovered the presence of mink in the undergrowth on the side of the bridge from where the dogs had leaped to death.

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A controlled study was conducted in which ten dogs were tested. The scents from mink and other animals were scattered around an open field. The dogs that were made a part of this experiment represented the most common breeds of the dogs that had jumped. It was found that 80% of the participating dogs dashed towards the mink odour. At the end of the study, Sands determined that the reason for the death of the dogs was the strong smell of the male mink urine. As strong and believable this theory sounds it was deflated very soon. There were two main reasons for the loss of popularity of this idea. First and foremost the local residents testified that there were no minks in that area. Secondly, the particular category of European Minks that were in question did not even belong to that habitat. Thus the existence of such animals was not naturally corroborated in that demography.

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So what is the reason of these events then? These uncanny happenings are mostly ascribed to the malefic spirit of the Lady of the Overtoun House. The existence of such a malign force was finally confirmed grave event happened in October of 1994. A person named Kevin Moy tossed his infant to his demise from the same location. When he was apprehended by the authorities, he explained that when in that particular location; he heard strongly influencing voices telling him that his son was the embodiment of the antichrist. No living human on this planet would indulge in such a cruel activity to project a hoax as truth. This incident proved beyond doubt that there definitely is some kind of evil power around the Overtoun Bridge. No evidence whatsoever has come up to refute such a presence since the Kevin Moy incident. The grave yet comprehensive details of this case are beyond the criticism of the sceptics. The bottom line is that animals cannot pretend. They just act when influenced by some external force. In this case the external force turned out to be of the supernatural nature.


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