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The effects of Planets in scientific inventions!

Updated on April 6, 2015


Astrology as an assisting tool in Science!

The past five decades have seen rapid strides in new inventions especially in the field of Information Technology. Why it happened only during the past five decades and not earlier is a pertinent question. Even if one does not believe in astrology, everyone is aware of the movement of planets. None questions about this physical phenomena! The earth itself is rotating around its axis as well as it is going round the Sun in the solar system. Even school going children are taught about the changes in monsoon due to rotation of earth and its orbit around the Sun.

The most important thing is that the Sun is common for the entire universe and one part of the hemisphere gets light and heat during day time when the other part do not have sunshine and the people there rest since it is night time for them. When we question the rationalists about these phenomena, they will simply say ‘it is natural’ and avoid further discussions on this topic. Here I am reminded of a small example. I visit a furniture show room for purchasing some chair or other items. I find various types and designs of chair manufactured from different wood material is displayed there neatly with their price tag. If I am a rationalist and I believe only in actual proof, can I assert that this furniture exists because it is natural? What I mean here is simple. I don’t see anybody in the show room that has assembled or made this furniture. Is it safe on my part to think that the furniture exists on its own! I will be stamped as a ‘fool’. There are carpentry workshops where the furniture are made or assembled, painted and sent to the show room for sales. If I insist on actual proof, the shop keeper will sent me out!

In a similar manner, the world is seen with various phenomena. It cannot exist on its own! There ought to be somebody who has made these all, yet he is not seen around like the carpenter who assembled the furniture! Hence rationalist needs to apply logic also when they form such conclusions! For a simple furniture, if we can presuppose a carpenter, the vast universe too has a creator unknown and unseen!

From ancient times, planet Mercury is known as “Planet of communication”. Along with this, Pluto and Uranus too play an important role in the world of communications. The planets Pluto and Uranus occupy the zodiac signs for much longer period than the traditional planets. Mercury moves one house in a month! The juxtaposition of these planets plays an important role in communications. It is not the efforts of inventors of computers alone. The planets too give a boost in this direction. Hence there is rapid stride in communication field. This is equally true in space exploration and other advanced systems in aero technology. Naturally, these advancements could not take place during the past due to adverse planetary positions!

In some astrological forums, I have read that due to shift in the axis of earth, the calculations regarding the position of planets change and there is none to pinpoint the present positions of planets exactly. Also I have read that stars to displace a little over a time and there is no relevant materials to know about their movement correctly. Hence events do not happen as predicted by experts in astrology. I would like to introduce basic astrological facts. There are twelve zodiac signs or houses. The total degrees of all the houses added together works out to 360 degrees and each house has a span of 30 degrees. Starting from “Aries and ending in Pisces” they accommodate total 27 stars. Hence each sign owns two and quarter stars. When we take birth in the universe, we take birth in particular star and it is known as our moon sign. When we take birth, a particular sign of the zodiac will be on the rise on the East. This is known as the “Ascendant sign”. Many books in astrology have detailed about various combination of planets, their particular effects. There are certain combinations which produce special effects which gives the particular man many boosts in his life. Some are adverse and some are beneficial. Like individual astrology, there is astrology for countries and nations based on the date and time of founding those Nations. Hence astrology is a vast science but there is nobody who is well versed in reading the correct positions and combinations!

Message on inventions and planetery movements.


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