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The effects of our past lives!

Updated on September 21, 2014

Effects of the past; market place.

We all undergo the effects of past in each birth!

When we are far away from a market place, we won’t hear anything. As we approach the market, there will be noise of both buyers and sellers. When we enter into the market, we will be clearly discerning the bargains and talks of buyers and sellers. For a self-realized soul, the world is a ‘market place’ in a faraway distance. He won’t be concerned with the worldly transactions very much. He is immersed in his self and he is blissful. Why should he lose his peace and calmness, involving himself in the illusory affairs of man? Whereas, we are fully engrossed in the world. Hence, we are always undergoing agitations in the mind, suffering the grief of the worldly people, which is absorbed by us easily. We should remain impervious to the worldly attachments. We have seen how the lotus leaf reacts to the water drops on it? The water drops will never wet the lotus leaf and will be rolling on the surface of the leaf freely like globules. The sages and saints exhort the people to remain as ‘water drop on the lotus leaf’! This is a sage advice for the people today. Everyone is losing his balance very easily on flimsy matters. People become very much exited on small things. There is fear and anxiety in the mind of most of the people today!

In the prevailing circumstances, it would be wise to adhere to the teachings of great people who have succeeded in keeping their poise, in spite of trying circumstances. Remain aloof from the wanderings of the mind. Be indifferent to the thought process and simply observe the thought patterns. Involvement in the thoughts makes us to lose our precious peace. What is agitation but the mad rush of thoughts one after the other, which are conflicting and contradictory to each other. We believe that the mind is our best friend and guide. It is a myth. Mind can never be a friend to anyone in the world. It is an illusory power capable of hoodwinking anybody in the world. Even the recluses who were practicing strict austerities have fallen prey to the whims and fancies of the sensory mind. Senses easily enslave the mind whereas the intellect ought to rule the mind. When the senses entice the mind, the intellect has no power over the mind. That is how most of the individuals become clear victims to the sensory pleasures. Intellect occupies next to the Self. The mind is at a lower level and it is wedded to the gross universe. But the Self is the subtlest of all things. It can never be perceived by the mind, nor can it be explained in words. Even the intellect fails to grasp the magnificence of the Self!

We had many ‘avatars’ or incarnations in this physical world. Each time, we are taking birth in a different place, in different circumstances in different families. Thus we had in the past, many parents in succeeding births. We had many wives and children ever since we took birth as human beings. Can you remember any of the previous birth? None except very rare recluses can recollect their past. It is no use to recollect the previous births. The burden of one birth itself is more than what we could endure. How can we recollect the memories of the past? God is benevolent in this respect. Once, we take a new birth, the past memories are completely cut off from our perceptions. We start with a clean slate, though the effects of the past births hang around our neck invisibly. It is the effect of both good and bad effects. The peculiarity of human birth is ‘good effects will not nullify bad effects’. Only in the banks, the accounts are balanced and the net effect of ‘credits’ and ‘debits’ arrived at. But every human being, be him a saint or sinner, has to undergo each individual effect of both good and bad separately. Thus, we can never escape from the effects of past lives. If somebody fancies that none knew his bad deeds, he is a fool. Like the compact disc, there is a subtle mechanism in our conscious, which promptly record all our thoughts, feelings, emotions and ill wills. Our actions are also recorded. Then the individual gets a suitable birth to undergo the experiences of the past. But in one birth, the individual cannot settle or nullify the effects of all past incarnations. Hence, each individual takes birth several times on earth until all the effects of past, both good and bad are nullified and become zero. At that point, he escapes from the recurring cycle of births and deaths and this is termed as “moksha’ in Sanskrit language or merging with the Self. This is also termed as Self-realization in vedantic parlance. Hence the aim of humanity is to lead a life sanctified by human and divine qualities and reach the source. As rivers merge in the sea, every individual has to reach the Divine ultimately whether he is a sinner or saint!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you WiccanSage for your visit and the encouraging comments!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Very interesting, lots of food for thought here on the cycle of rebirth.