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The enchanting blue!

Updated on September 25, 2011

The Blue Lord Krishna!

Once John Hislop, a loving devotee of Saibaba travelled along with Baba in a car.Hislop was sitting in the front side along with the driver of the car. Saibaba was sitting in between two local devotees in the rear. It is the habit of Hislop to frequently look at Saibaba when he was nearby. Hence Hislop had to bend his neck several times to see Baba conversing with the other two devotees in the rear. After some time Hislop turned once again to see Baba. This view was breathtaking so to say. Baba looked in an enchanting blue color not seen hitherto. It was dark blue like the velvet color and looked akin to the color of Pacific Ocean at times. This time, Hislop was looking intently on Baba's face since the beauty was ethereal and it twisted his heart. The other two devotees sitting in the back could not surmise the reasons for the prolonged look by Hislop. They asked him, "Why you are looking at Baba intently? Hislop has not answered their query instead he asked Baba, "What is the Blue? To this Baba replied smiling "All things which are unfathomable always look blue". But Hislop was sure that this particular Dharsan(view of Baba) is not earthly one and it is sure to have a connection with the Blue Lord Krishna! But he could not ask any further from Baba.

After some time, Hislop returned to Prasanthi Nilayam and he was conversing with an Indian gentleman. The Indian told him exactly that it should be Krishna! At another time, Hislop was talking to Saibaba regarding Divine incarnations. Hislop was saying "Since the time of Krishna, Saibaba intercepted him saying, "Where is Time? I am Krishna". It was a profound statement. In God's range, time itself is an illusion and Krishna is Eternal. Rest in next hub.

The beautiful smiling Sai!


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