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The endangered cause to reach lost souls

Updated on February 17, 2016

Marnie J. Blum


The deficit of soul winners.

Soul winning is the populating of heaven. It is a call seldom answered, a call which seems to elude our priorities, a call which creates the most blood on a child of God's hands. Soul winning creates an awareness that heightens our senses to eternity, strengthens our hearts in the understanding that our own lost loved ones will be saved (as we stand on the scriptures for them).

Soul winning can find us as much as we find others. We remember our own conversions when we are drilled with questions, honest questions, about Christianity. About why we are the most hypocritical. Why we are the most hated. Why we are so in left field. We remember our trek from complete unknown lost-ness through myriads of labyrinths of confusion, anger, and every emotion we could have yelled at a cruel God.

Soul winning is an art we seem forbidden at. In fact it can be noted people normally do not think on eternal issues daily. But the fact is lost souls populate hell daily possibly even in the millions.


The war for one soul.

A lost soul is a found one when it has been prayed for. As angels wrestle against fallen angels, in an invisible war, with Christians who must harness every Word which proceeds out the mouth of God. One prayer of Daniel took three weeks to answer, which brought such revelation about the end times his work continues to reach a fallen world.

Some prayers may take longer. Sometimes it feels like we find ourselves in a hurricane with it's winds failing to break against our feeble frame. We stand, with promises crumpled in our very raised hands. Waiting. And imagine the battles a lost soul finds as he looks to his past with strange coincidences which start to speak louder.

Lost souls find no peace as a Christian has from their Savior. Jesus says, My peace I give you. Not as the world gives.

Reflections of the past: Kenneth Hagin

Spiritual warfare


The value of a lost soul seen from our lost loved one's perspective.

Some family members seem to teeter along a cliff above hell. Our prayers may be like the wind which seems to still their soul, keeping their stride from falling. We are left in the dark often with only a still small Voice of comfort. We may be left in the dark decades with a lost loved one under God's surgical Hand. And sometimes a lost soul may keep us from our focus on Christ. Oftentimes letting go to honor the Lord may the most hardest task. Simply finding Jesus with our head bowed asking for grace can be heart wrenchting. We need our Savior. We need our Savior like our breath. And slowly shifting our eyes to a sighing, dying, crying world can mute our pain, raise us beyond our grief and give a momentum which can bring a lost soul to eternal life.

And for others... Lord Jesus, forgive us for our limited sight. Enlarge our perspective concerning the lost. Enlarge the perspective of others who You use. Jesus, be real to those who used to serve You vigorously. Thank You, Jesus.

The Lost Sheep (Spoken Word) || Nick Vitellaro

The witness for Christ within us.

The witness of Christ is flickering. Alive and dying as God's angels move out His children pray up The Holy Spirit hovers about. Revival shakes the earth as tragedy and doubt smother and demons grip. It is a cycle leaving blood on some, death in others and life springing where death once was. Hell is a real place. It should not be taken for granted. In fact hell should be considered in daily routine as we go about the day in prayer. Watch and pray. Win souls in light of our own lost.

Ayo Sage

Witness Recky-D

A prayer

Dear Jesus,

I have lost family and loved ones. As I go about my day, send other's lost loved ones to me who I am capable to witness to. Jesus, grant mercy and grace to mine own, with angels charged to protect. Send a hedge around them. Be mindful they are but dust and soften their prideful hearts. Lord Jesus, walk beside them and enjoy them. Smile on their lives. And to those who you commission us to meet with me bring light in their eyes. Lord, be love. Send love. Walk with us in love. And lastly, Lord... Do remember us. Thank You Jesus.


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    • David Frank Lopez profile image

      David Frank Lopez 2 years ago

      Also, check out other hubs I made...

    • David Frank Lopez profile image

      David Frank Lopez 2 years ago

      Remember the girl and the starfish story. Eric how did it feel to know a soul YOU reached will be in Jesus' loving arms? Amen? I am honored to hear your honesty remember YOU have lost loved ones others can reach... May God enjoy you as you are. Just because! Holy Spirit draw the right people to read these hubs. Send angels to harvest the lost to our feet in Jesus' Name! Amen!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Cool. But few are called on this mission. I have converted a few but it is not really my calling. Although maybe it is through my Sunday Sermons.