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The ephemeral life and worthless wealth!

Updated on July 5, 2016

Thoughts on media

Media depicts only negativity!

The only beneficiaries of 24x7 news channel which depicts 99% of negative news that occur around the world is the owners of the channels. In other words, some people earn through the grief of others and the news media, both the print and visual media is to blame. Why exhibit the negative sides in an elaborate manner? Already the cinema, videos and internet has spoiled the mindset of the viewers who are mostly youngsters! This reminds me of a proverb, ‘adding fuel to the fire. There may be few exceptions but majority of the media house has no remorse to publicize such negativity. In fact, if some crime needs to be reported, it need not be in the first page first column to attract even a casual reader. It could be relegated to second or third page without making it conspicuously. Imagine the news reporting during freedom struggle. It has a specific purpose to instill in the minds of one and all, a love for the country.

What aim the media houses have today? It is to earn more reviews and more circulation. Hence it is only for earning profits. I don’t deny that business needs profit for sustenance. But when it affects the basic humane virtues, the management needs to rethink about the priorities. The very definition of ‘news’ is unbiased reporting without giving weightages to the negative news. The news editors must deliberate the harms that will generate by the particular news item. At any cost, sensational reporting must never be resorted to by the media houses.

Thus said, the media barons may find fault with the above argument. We are just reporting the happenings around the globe. If only negative things happen, how we can be blamed? Blame the society instead! This argument seems right in their point of view? But, are they not over enthusiastic to report crimes, rapes and all other maladies that affect the society now? Are they covering it in unbiased manner? Every reader is aware that the news media depicts only the negative side and positive aspects of news are rather relegated to last page!

Trust God

The wealth is a Trust given by God for helping the poor in society!

The sad truth is rampant materialism all over the globe! It is very rare to find people who have least interest in monetary values. Of course, money has become the basic necessity of life to purchase items of food, clothing and other services. Hence everyone in the world need money be him a recluse or householder. Then the next question is ‘how much one need to fulfill the basic needs of life?

Here, I remember a nice example told by Sathya Saibaba to his devotees! When we go to a showroom to purchase chappals or shoes, we tell the salesman, the size of the foot. If we are not aware, there will be a measuring foot stool in which, we have to place our foot and the corresponding size number can be identified from the markings. The salesman will bring several shoes of the size. We can choose the design we like. Now the salesman will ask us to try the size by wearing and walking a few steps. Sometimes, we may opt for the next higher size, but it will be loose. If you wear a shorter size, it will bite our foot. This is what Saibaba has clarified. We need just enough money to pull on in a reasonable comfort. If we are short of cash, we may not be able to procure even the essentials. If we have more money, we will waste it in unnecessary spending. Hence everyone needs to have just enough to fulfill their essential needs, not less or not more!

But we find many millionaires and billionaires in the world. It is really a trust; god has given them the extra wealth. It is for sharing the excess with the have nots. Everything in the world is a gift of god. We should help the poor and destitute with the surplus wealth or resources. The rich may think that they have earned the money through the sweat of their brow. But not all succeeds in earning even after putting up hard labor. It is the grace of god which has entrusted with much wealth beyond one’s need. It is solely for the purpose of helping the poor in society!

Alexander learns bitter lessons!

The sad plight of Emperor Alexander!

Those who have faith in the Divine may accept this. What about those atheists, who have no faith in God? They will feel that wealth is a means for pleasure and luxury and there is no harm in hoarding wealth! Only one question will make them understand about the futility of excess wealth which is not shared with others! Does anyone carry a single penny to the other world when he dies? Even the rationalists are aware that none carries anything away when they die. Everyone comes with an empty hand and leaves the world in the same fashion! If people are clear about this one point, they won’t exert much to earn extra money nor will acquire properties beyond their need. In fact, excess wealth will stroke more greed in any individual and it will ruin him ultimately if it is not put to proper use in sharing with the most unfortunate brothers in the world!

Here, I remember the story of Alexander. He conquered many countries in the world. Ultimately he wanted to enter India. Even while he was approaching the frontiers of India, he had a chance encounter with a recluse who was lying on the path, apparently with his eyes closed. The soldiers who were moving in front columns shouted at the recluse to clear away, since the great Alexander is coming soon. The recluse never responded to these shouting. Meanwhile, Alexander himself approached near and hearing the commotion commanded the recluse to move away; otherwise, my soldiers will kill you! The rustic opened his eyes and smiled at the emperor. He said ‘your soldiers may cut the body but I am absolutely unconcerned since I am not this ephemeral body!

Instantly, Alexander dismounted from his horse and laid himself at the feet of the recluse! He ordered his generals to retreat at once stating ‘if the rustic possesses such self-control, we cannot dream of conquering India! On his retreat, Alexander felt that his end is approaching since he was laid up with some problem. He asked his minister, “After my death and during the procession, make two holes in the coffin and project my two empty hands! This is a symbol that even after conquering most part of the world, the great Alexander leave with EMPTY hands! Hence, not a particle of sand will accompany us in the final journey!


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