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The ephemeral world with evanescent relationships!

Updated on April 3, 2016

The world is ephemeral.

Nothing lasts here in this world!

When confronted with certain problems, we become agitated and confused. The only way to solve a problem is “Face it”. This initial reaction can come only in a matured mind. The usual reaction is ‘knee jerk’. Mind reacts with problems with fear and anxiety. This is not a correct way. Keep quiet and observe. Do not follow the thoughts arising in mind during confused situations. It would be better if we remain passive during problematic times. Once Saibaba has said, ‘restlessness is normal like the waves in the ocean. It is the reaction to the restlessness that creates pain in the mind. Yes, the reactions cause pain and pleasure in the mind. The mind judges each event and stamp one event as painful and some other event as pleasure. This judgment is not correct. When we escape from judging any event, half of our problem is removed. The wise one avoids judging others.

The judging tendency arises out of strong ego. It is the ego which starts judging others and passing opinions. When we judge others, automatically, others also will start judging us. When we point out at others with our index finger, other three fingers automatically will point at us. Ultimately, it is the mind which causes pain and pleasure in any individual. If we are able to subdue the mind, we can go beyond the duality of pain and pleasure.

The main reason for grief and pain is attachment to forms. So long as we retain attachment to others, we are sure to undergo grief very often. Each day brings different kinds of experiences to us. It is natural that all those with whom we have intimate relationships also undergo the effects of vagaries of time. When they become happy, we too are happy. When they become ill, we become worried and depressed. This problem can be resolved by seeking the truth out of each situation.

Now I will present few examples. Before marriage, we may not have accustomed to the girl with whom we get engaged. Before marriage, the girl might have suffered many troubles or fallen ill several times. Naturally we are not bothered since we have no acquaintance with the girl. The moment we marry, all affections and concerns for her stems in us. Even if a small thorn pricks her, we get instantly affected and make all efforts to relieve her suffering. This is the peculiarity of the world. Even if the girl resides in the next door, we are never concerned. Only the relationship which comes subsequently makes us feel for her welfare. This is clearly attachment to forms. Likewise, we develop attachment to our children only after their birth. It is also the attachment to the form and the relationship which induce us to make many sacrifices for the sake of children.

Hence these sorts of relationships are temporary. It comes in the middle and may be snapped in the middle. Here also, I am reminded of a fine example given by Saibaba. He said, husband and wife are like two logs of wood floating on the river. First the two logs were floating on their own path. Due to the force of water, the two logs join together in the midstream and travel together for sometime. Later, the same current of water part those logs and they travel alone. This seems to be a clear picture of married people all over the world. Hence all the relationships in the world is purely temporary.

Everyone comes alone and leaves alone. When we observe the events and happenings in the world, many truths will be revealed to us. We can surmise that ‘nothing is really permanent in this world”. Change is the only changeless phenomena in this ephemeral world. Every thing changes every moment. Hence we should never feel sad, if some one departs in the middle. Every one here on earth has taken birth to work out their past karma. Hence, we should never get exulted if a child is born in the family nor become sad, when some elderly relative passes away. It is Natural.



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