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The evanescent earthly life vs Eternal rest in the Creator?

Updated on September 17, 2017

Look within!

Do not rely on the perishable body!

One who always thinks that the body is supreme can never travel in spiritual path. His entire life is wasted in mundane existence. After toiling during his young and middle age, he spend his old age in disease and depression. The money he earned never comes to his rescue during that time. He may consult the best specialist, may buy the best medicines, yet he is not rid of his ill health. One day he dies forlorn. The reason is simple and straight forward. He has not realized the ephemeral nature of life. Hence those who want to gather wisdom must keep their attention on death which is inevitable. Whatever is uncertain in one’s life, death is the only certainty. Those who toil to gather trash and tinsel must realize that they cannot carry even a grain of sand. If one is fully aware of this one truth, none will toil to amaze more and more properties. Ultimately someone else will occupy those mansions, use those cars and enjoy the affluence! Why should we earn for someone else when each and every individual is born with two feet and two hands? We are not responsible for others! But, as a parent, it is our responsibility to bring up the children and educate them to the best of our ability. When he or she could stand on their own legs, our responsibility cease.. If they want some guidance we can guide them. There ends our responsibility! Never assume you are responsible for your wife and children. You can take care of them until they become youth. Of course, we have to take care of our spouse till their death! There are several billionaires in the world! Ask them ‘for whom they are earning’? It is a difficult question. One will say, I am earning so that my future generation are rid of worry! Recently I read a newspaper article in which an Indian industrialist who founded a branded cloth industry was living in a rented house. He made his son the MD and within a short time, he was driven away from the family property! Of course it is a sad tale and the man who founded such big industry should have been more prudent. He should have given his son only some share of the Company and not the entire shares!

Life is a bubble.

We need not toil for the entire dynasty!

Probably he too thought that his entire earning is for his dynasty! Hence in this materialistic world, we can never rely upon anyone however close he may be! Had he kept something for him, he would not have ended up in this fashion! This is not an isolated case. In most of the major groups, litigation about property rights are pending for several years in many courts. Even while writing a will, one should be prudent. As long as the children are bachelors, there may not be much problem. They are like apprentices in a big company. Once they marry, they listen more to the sage counsel of their life partners. All problems commence only after. In Indian households, parents rely more on their sons but hardly one in hundred look after their parents comfortably. Most of the people in the world tend to give utmost importance to bank balances and house properties. But, it is very much certain that no bank will guarantee a fixed income to you after you depart. Only the nominees will acquire the wealth and properties. No doubt, money is one of the important resource for leading a life comfortably in this mundane world. Even while we live thus, we must think about the ultimate aim of human life. One must always contemplate on some important questions like, “who are we? What for we are here? What must be the aim of human life? Is it permanent? Does the mind take us to our ultimate goal? Who created this world and cosmos? What is our relationship with him? Is God integral with us or he is a separate entity? When we try to find answers to such intricate questions, we are on the proper path towards knowledge and wisdom! Material knowledge can never be equated to wisdom! This knowledge can fill up our bellies and keep us in cozy comforts. But in the media, several gory scenes are exhibited. Cyclones play havoc in many countries in succession. Many lose their homes, relatives, pets, and other hard earned material goods in the floods that accompany the cyclones. It is pathetic to see elders are frantically calling for help standing precariously on roof tops. Mothers wade through waist deep water dragging and carrying their children. If they are fortunate, they will be picked up by rescue teams. Not only in the US and Mexico, it is everywhere like China, Honkong and Japan (latest). None expected that disaster will strike them one day. Few years back we had terrible earthquake in a Himalayan country which killed more than 7000 people, maimed many and removed the care givers from their midst. Many children, boys and girls have become orphans within hours of earthquakes. All their dwellings have become debris and dust. How the children will cope up with such calamity when they were fully dependent on their mother and father? We must realize the fickle nature of human life by viewing such tragedies in media.

Perfect quotes.

Seek the Kingdom of God!

Hence do not develop attachment to material possessions and wealth. At any time, it will flee. The sparrow sitting on a tree twig is never bothered about the heavy wind that sways the twig. It relies on its wings and not on the twig. The tiny sparrow has so much of confidence on its wings. Sadly, man depends fully on wealth and properties and his healthy body. He is not aware that life is a three day show on the cosmic stage! He must be prepared for any eventualities. Hence he must rely on the inner self rather than the broken props of wealth and properties. At least wake up now and rely on the perpetual grace of the creator who cares for each insect as eh takes care of us. Faith and belief in Almighty will take us in the royal path of Divine abode! In the Bible, it is mentioned as “Kingdom of God”. Yes, we are all legitimate heirs to the Kingdom of our Father! Aim for that and do not be duped by the wealth of earthly sojourn which cannot take you even one step forward towards God!


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