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The ever existing blissful self is hidden within the perishable cover, the body

Updated on November 14, 2016

When you sleep.....

Even pet animals seeks recognition!

Recognition seems to be the main motive behind Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp users. Each one wants to be seen in public platform. Why we ‘like’, comment and share other’s posts? We want to be noticed by others. Why we post blogs in various forums? Mainly to get recognized by more and more people, many people join social platforms. Besides money, people need recognition and this is ingrained in their psyche. Even a street beggar craves for recognition. This is human psychology! Even within a family, everyone clamor for recognition. Hence, when we are criticized by others, we resent very much and there is an inner revolt.

We might have noticed this trend even in pet animals, especially in dogs and cats. They demand our attention by barking or mewing. Everything looks funny in pet’s world. Even the dogs feel jealous when we caress the cats in front of them. Hence, there is no wonder when man craves attention! We have seen actors, actresses, Directors and lyric writers all want recognition from the public! When someone greets us and we don’t recognize them, they usually enquire, ‘do you remember me? Most of the time, due to old age, my memory fails and I find difficulty in recollecting their face, though there is a faint recognition. But instantly, they feel sad since I am not able to recollect them. They introduce and I used to exclaim, Oh! I have completely forgotten your face, sorry!

My True Self

Every one seeks recognition!

Like ordinary folks, great leaders, astute politicians and even dictators demand recognition from everyone. Don’t we recognize Hitler and the like? At the same time, we venerate certain people for their kindness and compassion like Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. We are happy to know more about them and read their discourses in public. What a great soul they are? Yes, soul is one only whether it is surrounded by the physical bodies of X or Y. This fundamental unity is the backbone of spirituality. Why we honor Adhi Sankara, Ramana and the like? They were living examples of non-dual philosophy! I personally like Monism for the great Truths embedded in the philosophy. Non-dual philosophers recognize the self even in varieties of differences. Sri Sathya Saibaba had aptly told his devotees, Jewels are many but gold is one, Cows are many but milk is one. Birds are many but the sky is one, flowers are many but the garland is one. We must train ourselves to recognize the unity behind the diversity in any situations. Beings are many but breath is one! Is it not? We are hoodwinked by the outer forms which are different from each other. In addition there is individual traits and behavior which is distinct from one another. The mind always looks at the outer world with the glass of separation and hence it can never recognize the underlying unity behind the variety!

God or Self pervades the Cosmos!

Do not believe in the senses!

Even if all the senses vouch for the existence of the world, through vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell, the input conveyed by the senses are akin to the cinema projected in the cinema hall. When the pictures are seen over the screen, we undergo awe and joy sometimes and distress at other times. We do not realize that the cinema is a temporary affair and the screen is a permanent entity. Without the screen, no picture could be perceived. The pictures need the screen whereas the screen is absolutely independent of the pictures. The screen remains before the pictures, during the picture projection and after the film is over. This is how the consciousness acts as a screen for the phenomena of creation. Like the screen, the consciousness is never affected whether the pictures depict various emotions. The onlookers of cinema are affected since the mind catches all perceptions and judge or form opinion on the cinema. Associated with the mind, the individual self, consider itself as a small and separate body and hence undergoes all the grief and joy associated with the identification of body with oneself. In the above scenario, consciousness never undergoes any modification since it is a mere witness. When scenes of flood or fire are projected, does the screen become wet or burnt? No! It remains as it is. In a similar manner, the Atma or Self connoted by consciousness remain pure and unblemished by the various happenings in the external world or in the physical forms of beings!


The world is a big dream; a film show!

Like the cinema, individual bodies take birth and ultimately die. But the inner self remains forever. The self is the ever existing principle which survives the death and destruction of bodies and also the creation. The creation is in between affair. It was not there in the beginning since it came in the middle. The creation is an illusion created by the mind like the dreams weaved by the mind during sleep! It is emphasized in the scriptures that, Self alone exists and there was no other entity. Hence the entire illusory world is nothing but Self concealed and coma fledged by the mind! When a flame of light is covered by a dark opaque glass, no illumination can come from the flame! The mind is clever in hiding the self-effulgent Atma and instead projects the false universe! Even when you are lying on the cot, sleep and dream, you falsely undergo many dream experiences which are not real. Only on waking, you can understand that the entire dream experience is unreal and you have not moved out from the cot!

The entire media, internet and mobile phones hide the reality of self and affirm the events of the world. The scriptures proclaim that the ever existing self is pure witness of the phenomena of creation; it remains in eternal Bliss since the Self is the only Truth! It is never affected over the false projection of universe! The individual falsely identify himself with the perishable body and evanescent mind and undergo myriads of troubles due to the false idea! If one wants to escape from the troubles and grief, first of all, he should not identify him with the body or mind. He must affirm that he is the immortal self within and not the ephemeral body!

The Self alone is the only Reality!

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