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The ever existing immortal Self and human life!

Updated on September 19, 2014

Our Life is a cinema show!

Atma is a mere witness of the creation!

While watching a cinema, we become one with the actors and we too are elated or depressed as per the theme of the cinema! First of all, why we go to cinema? It is for passing time as well as for entertainment. When we become one with the cinema, we too will be swayed by the emotions and feelings, expressed by the various actors. If we go there for entertainment, we are the losers. Today most of the cinema makes us more depressed than when we entered into the cinema hall. Why should we spend money and buy ‘depression’?

There is a way to watch a cinema. You must understand that it is an illusory projection on the screen and though it looks life like, it is not real. The onlooker of a cinema may be swayed by various scenes that unfold before him but there is an unaffected screen, a pure white screen on which the cinema is projected. But for the screen, there won’t be any show at all. The cinema needs the screen but the screen never needs a cinema! The pictures depend upon the screen but the screen is purely independent. Whether there is a show or not, the picture remains pure. It is like the mute witness. Many different kinds of scenes may fall upon it like the fire accidents, floods, tornados and earthquake. Have you ever seen the screen burnt or becoming wet due to the falling of different scenes? Yes, there is a pure white screen in every one. It is the Atma or Self which remains unaffected by the various troubles undergone by the individual or the pleasures he enjoy! On this pure Self, the picture of creation is projected mysteriously.

The screen was there before the show and during the cinema and the screen remains the same even after the cinema. Likewise, the ATMA is ever present whether there is creation or not. There are periods of annihilation during which the entire creation is absorbed back! Hence, it must be clear that the creation depends upon the Atma and Atma is absolutely independent of creation! This is what the Veda and Upanishads declare. In the scriptural texts, there are guidelines, how a man should conduct himself in the family, in the society and his duties to various limbs of the society. For the overall welfare of a village, a man can sacrifice his family. Likewise everyone in the society has to safeguard the overall interest of the village, country and Nation. It is not enough, if man merely earns money for his family and his comforts. He should feed the poor, downtrodden and handicapped members of the society. If each one takes care of others, the society will remain peaceful. When many mouths are hungry, how can one enjoy his meals? He should feel the pangs of the poor and provide for them. God has granted many people sufficient wealth to look after the needs of the family, clothing and shelter. He should abjure selfishness. He should look beyond the family and find out opportunities to help and serve the needy. One need not spend huge amounts for other. If you could provide a morsel of food to the hungry, bare clothing to cover them from harsh weather, it would be nice. Hence all saints, sages and prophets tell the people to look after the basic needs of the poor. There are very many rich people who can definitely provide for many poor people. Are we going to carry all the wealth and properties when we depart? Let it be useful to the needy.

God has created the universe for man, to live peacefully, joyfully and in co-operation with the neighbors and others. But today, we witness horrible scenes. Human beings slaughter their own race in utter disregard for the human values. They never care for the sentiments of others. They try to create horror in the minds of onlookers. How can they hope to remain peaceful after committing such atrocities against humanity? How they can expect mercy or grace from the benevolent god when they act in a fit of frenzy unmindful of anybody? Even animals show some restrain. Even a lion will chase its prey only when it is hungry. But, man acts on flimsy reasons and behave demon like in society! How can they ever be labelled as human beings? They are really monsters in human form. They can never escape from those atrocious acts. Only God has to instill sanity in such ogres. They do it in the name of Religions. This is the most heinous crime! They quote the scriptures and god for their inhuman behavior! How the earth can bear such demonic monsters? God alone has to restrain such devils from those evil acts.


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