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The everyday walk... And the passerby.

Updated on May 29, 2017

Rainy Date

Spend time with Jesus like a play date...
Spend time with Jesus like a play date... | Source

The passerby.

Recognize the passerby. A moment in everyday life, where we shrug passed someone. And for just one second we exchange a look, a nod, and then they are gone. Every day this happens all about the world. And still we are richer none the less. A soul finds hell easily, as easily as a passerby. When those we know who fail to know Christ, are inched one moment closer to the eternity without Him. And we must take an account when we stand before Christ and the Father and the Holy Spirit in judgment.

But what of those passerby that are being prayed for that we are to reach?

Walking in the Rain...


The shortness of breath

Life is short. During this vapor of a life, we must pray our Lord helps us to number our days. With over three thousand promises stated in God's living Word, it seems His Heart could never turn away a soul at Heaven's gates. But we must be proactive to follow through, in-spite our fear doubt and worry. To look into our Christ' eyes, I understand His tears will fall. Not because of what I could have done, but because His need of me in these last moments. Behold He cometh quickly... That word quickly states that our Lord Christ understands that there really is little time left. And with Him His reward. But His reward will be in our arms, the ones we prayed and paced the floor for. The ones we waved our rights to find souls lost in alleys, and in the byways and highways. Jesus will to us all, become as real as a mountain we could press against yet not move.

With one breath someone's candle is being extinguished all around the world. With one breath, we nod our heads to His prompting and with it we deny Him. We are the aroma of life. We a peculiar. We have a hope others don't have. We have joy as strength.

So when a Christian passes by a lost soul, there is a chance that soul will know something about the Christian is different. That Christian might have been the answered prayer to that lost soul. But what if that Christian refused to answer God's still small Voice?

Shelby McQuilkinNever alone


A prayer sample for our lost loved ones.

Dear Lord,

We need Your POWER. THE POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOUR WORD, YOUR SPIRIT. Father God, reach and draw our lost loved ones to Jesus. Father we declare in Jesus' Name mercy! We ask MERCY in Your heart over their past sin. Holy Spirit, they may have hurt You with their deeds and actions. We love You Holy Spirit. We love You and we adore You! Bring to our memory the needed thoughts, the needed words, needed things to pray to Father God. Jesus, walk with us in our pain until Your manifestation of salvation is complete. In Jesus' Name we bind the enemy over their and our lives. We declare God's paths for them in Jesus' Name. You have all the glory, all the power, and all the honor in Jesus' Name.

Carmen: The Champion

Emily Dickenson: How far is Heaven?

Written by Emily Dickinson |

How far is it to Heaven?

As far as Death this way --
Of River or of Ridge beyond
Was no discovery.

How far is it to Hell?
As far as Death this way --
How far left hand the Sepulchre
Defies Topography.

My Cup Overflows - Psalm 23 Spoken Word Edition

Shelby McQuilkin : Never alone


The power of Jesus' Blood.

Jesus maybe we are focusing too much on our lost loved ones. According to Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall fall into place. Don't let the enemy blind us in worry as we miss Jesus' plans for us. As you look longingly into our lost loved ones lives so do You into ours. But we can proactively do the following...

Pleading Jesus' Blood over:

Our lost loved ones.

Their situations.

Their paths and destinies.

Their past sin.


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