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The evolution of honest society is the need of the hour!

Updated on August 13, 2017

Morality is essential.

The present world is riddled with many problems!

What we observe in the external world? Almost all countries are embroiled in many problems. Citizens everywhere are struggling through normal existence. In addition to manmade calamities like strife and war, Nature too inflicts more problems on the denizens of the globe. Even smaller countries are threatening world powers with direst consequences. Truth, Righteousness, Love and tolerance are nowhere to be seen. In every country there is brazen disregard for democratic principles, laws and constitution. Even those political parties which have promised transparent rule and administration are resorting to cheap tricks. None want responsibility but they want to enjoy power and admiration of blind followers. Everyone wants to sit in the saddle. Highest posts have become musical chairs. Leaders are not respected for their honesty but for their cleverness in manipulating the strings of politics. Each election witness enormous corruption. Big shots are helping the leaders to become powerful so that they can enjoy the fruits later. Clandestine deals are made to pull each other’s legs. Some persons spend their entire fortune to get elected as members of assemblies or Parliament. Each member will get in addition to huge salaries, many perks during the tenure including preferences in travel and housing facilities. They can have secretaries both in their constituencies as well as in the capital. In addition, they will get pension for the rest of their life once their tenure is over. When ordinary people are struggling for a pot of potable water, these keepers of the Constitution need not have any worry about basic infrastructure. It has become a most covetable employment rather than service to the poor. I believe that in each country, the problem persists. While catching votes from the gullible public, they promise heaven on earth. Once elected, they won’t be seen anywhere near the constituencies. Pubic hesitate to meet their elected representatives in the fear of rebuff.

Peace is the greatest wealth.

The leaders are to be blamed for the current situations!

How the common citizens live in such irresponsible environment. We have seen many dictators as well as virtuous leaders. But majority of the countries were ruled by tyrants and dictators and hence the world witnessed many fierce wars including world wars I and II. Even after noticing the destructions caused by the wars, the leaders of many countries are planning to enter in wars in order to test their weapons in the field. From the time of cave dwellers, conflict was a common factor. The early man had to fight fierce combats with huge animals and beasts. He invented the spears and arrows for safeguarding him from the fearful animals like tigers, lions and cheetah. After settling in a territory, he found a new enemy. People from other parts of the lands started intruding into his territory. Hence it has become necessary to fortify his area. Hence he trained some of his tribe to remain vigilant against intruders from other areas. When the cave man evolved into evolved being, he started settling along river beds, practicing cultivation of essential items of food and grain. He started rearing cattle like milch animals. Again the cattle need fodder for its food. Hence he was searching for grass lands for feeding their cattle. Hence at times, he has to shift his dwellings. Slowly, the primitive population increased and they started settling down in certain fixed areas. Villages were formed to accommodate a set of people. The need for proper administration of village was felt and thus started the political system of administration. Initially, people were honest; they we never greedy and each one cared for the village society as a whole. People resorted to various avocations as per the needs. Hence in a village, there were riots, farm appliance makers for basic agricultural work and other articians like the potters, washer man, and other such trades. The barbers usually practiced herbal treatments and midwifes were needed for attending deliveries. Later dealing in money was felt a necessity. Several villages came under the administration of landlords originally. Though bartering was the first exchange medium, it was felt cumbersome and difficult to exchange a buffalo for a bag of rice. Hence traders needed some common valuable coins which was recognized by all. There were copper, bronze coins. When the land lords and money lenders were seeking to amaze more wealth, even silver and gold coins were produced for trade. People from other countries started exploring the world and they found different lands inhabited by different people. Slowly, they came by huge boats and ships and brought precious stones, silks and other valuables. In exchange they purchased spices and aromatic items in plenty. The arrival of ships increased the need for care takers, loading and unloading helpers, tally clerks, go downs etc.

Vivekananda quotes.

Rapid evolution and advancement dented morality in society!

What we see today in this technological age is instant transportation by steam ships, air cargos and other swift means. Money is exchanged online. Many commodities are exported to places where it is needed and we import many essential items from other countries which resulted in International trade and business. We need to remember that everything started from nomadic man settling in villages and started living with a society which was caring and considerate. Today, greed and jealousy rule the world. Each person wants quick money by hook or crook. The leaders themselves have become corrupt and greedy and hence administration has descended to the lowest ebb. This is the reason for the sufferings of the common citizen who seeks a welfare state.

The remedy for all this lies in morally conscious society, law abiding authorities and citizens. The State is for the welfare of its citizens and protecting their rights. A peaceful society could be ensured only by honest and upright authorities as well as politicians. Moral classes are a must for the present society since the value system is degraded into stark materialism. None cares for their poor neighbors or destitute in society. It is the responsibility of each man in society to ensure the welfare of all! Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and non-violence are the cardinal principles on which society must thrive!

Peace in Heart.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, you are correct!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 2 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Society is about as good as the souls who incarnate. We need to attract better souls.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you ThreeKeys for the warm appreciation!

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 4 months ago from Australia

      Your article was an inspiration. Thankyou.