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The existence of Gods and how you can become one

Updated on February 27, 2016

In my previous two articles, I explained the beginning of life and the reason behind death. In this article, I will explain the “Theory of Immortality” that will support the existence of Gods. Before moving ahead, I would request you to read my previous two articles before going through this one. This is because I am writing a series and every article in this series is related to the concepts described in the previous articles.

According to Theory of Immortality by Puneet Sharma, it is possible for a living being to become immortal. The only way to achieve immortality is to control the life particle or the constructor-analyzer pair or the soul. I have already explained in my previous article that it is the soul (constructor-analyzer pair) inside our body that makes us alive. So, if we are able to control our souls, we can achieve immortality.

How to control the Soul?

Alright, this is the most important question as it looks impossible to control something that we cannot see. Similarly, it looks impossible to find an immortal person on Earth. But, the question is that can we really control our Soul? The answer is yes and the way to achieve this is meditation. The only way to control your Soul is meditation. You will have to try it for years to find out the exact way of meditation to control your Soul. When you’re able to do that, you will achieve immortality.

Does achieving immortality mean we cannot die?

If you are able to control your soul (the life particle), then you can achieve immortality. But this immortality applies only to your natural death. That means, you will stay alive for an infinite time unless you are a victim of a fatal accident. For example, if you have achieved immortality, you can still die in a car accident.

By controlling your soul, you are actually ordering your soul not to eat up your body’s energy. You can learn to manage the transfer of your body energy to your soul. This way, the soul will never reach to the energy threshold that it requires to leave the body and the planet Earth. However, there is one more process that you can control. You can also control your soul to give you back the energy that it has accumulated over years from your body. That energy is the basis of creation of Gods.

The process of becoming a God

Once you have become immortal by limiting the flow of energy from your body to the soul, you can start learning the art of utilizing your soul’s accumulated energy. This is a tremendous amount of energy and it can be used to do things that are impossible to do for normal human beings. You can break concrete wall, fly up in the sky, run faster than cheetah and several other impossible stuffs.

You can use this soul energy to survive in the worst situations where a normal human being would probably die. That means, you are learning to defeat the unnatural causes of death. Now you might be thinking that this is the stage when a human must be declared as a God. But you’re wrong! One more process is still left to that is required to make someone God.

When someone successfully learns to control the flow of energy to and from the soul, he is only one step away from becoming a God. This last step is to learn to absorb energy from any source. If you are able to use your soul’s energy and you are using it frequently, chances are there that you will end up using all of your soul’s energy and may eventually die. So, to maintain a proper amount of energy in your soul, you must learn to absorb energy from almost any source. You can absorb energy from Sun, water, air or any other source near you. Once you succeed in this last step, you have finally become a God. Now, you have delayed your natural death, you are capable of fighting with the causes of unnatural death and you have a never ending hunger for energy that keeps your soul full of energy.

So, this is how Gods are made. If you want me to answer any other life process related to my theory, I am open for your questions. Just ask your questions in the comments section below. In my upcoming series, I will reveal more such facts. Stay tuned!


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    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 22 months ago from India

      Can you give examples of people who have achieved this state? You can not be equal to god because all this is his creation and you are just a small part of it not the whole. You can attain some siddhis( spiritual powers) but you can not control the universe and pass judgement like god. You can only unite with god as mentioned in the religious texts. The purpose of life is not to become powerful but to understand the universe and to unite with god. Moksha or salvation is the word that is used to describe the state of uniting yourself with god. Moksha happens after your physical body dies and your spiritual body unites with the ultimate.