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The falling of a thief

Updated on June 3, 2017

On that day

Somehow, at the end of time it has been mentioned in the Bible our final encounter with the devil. It mentions that we will look at this murderer, and we will exclaim to ourselves how this creature could deceive a world for centuries. We will recall our scars, we will remember those times when we just couldn't understand... Why? And we will anger ourselves over the wasted time, the lost souls he reached, the moments where catastrophe met opportunity. We were deceived, as no man is fully with sight. We will have to remember how we gave in to a little nudge here, and a compromise there... The enemy, having a wealth of our rewards, had carried it to his lake of fire and brimstone. And he did this just for pain in our Creator, and us...

For the best for our families be sober be vigilant... He is real. His mission is real. And he isn't stopping.

When satan is judged, it can be imagined the deepest level of hell ever constructed. A level as unimagined as God can be creative. A bottomless pit, a lake of fire... Hell. That is his destiny. That is his end.


A devil's legacy.

The history.

And angel.

An audience.

A thought.

A lie.

A banishment.

A deception.

A falling away.

A hate.

A retaliation.

A suggestion.

A hell created.

A heaven shunned.

A soul's lost.

An account.

I set before you...


The Christian light.

The weapons from a saints arsenal.

The Blood of Jesus.

Our testimony.

The Word of God.

Angelic protection.


Standing on promises.

Other saints in prayer and intercession.

Church settings.

Small group settings.

Involving oneself in God's community

The one who blinds the world.

It's subtle. Starting with a simple thought... It can grow to a memory, a step, and straight into a deception. The enemy, whom has killed, stolen, and destroyed would rather you listen to his suggestions until you believe they are yours. It is our responsibility to be prayed up, read up, and armored up. We can not lower our guard. Sometimes we can be lied to in a way we immediately banish it. Other times we struggle within, others unknown to our torment, as a lie simple eats away within us. We die inside over and over until the lies inspiration literally takes root in us and we may need deliverance. Staying in the Bible, the Word, and actively in a small group from church can prevent many attacks.

Worship can uplift, as worldly culture's music can tear down. Giving thanks, constantly to such a good God, can lead to a spiritual resurrection. Meaning, constantly keeping our eyes on Christ in fellowship, can kill any opportunity of the enemy.

We are born into this world. And as we age, world encounters change history, stripping our lives of past testimonies, deeply rooted churches, where physical hearings once ate as the children's bread. The prophetic seems to be pining away also.

Where are the greats? The Kenneth Hagin's, the John Osteens, the R.W. Shambach's? And also, more with who have they been replaced with?

Hell and wrath

Hell was created for satan and fallen angels. Man was never it's design. Satan's deception to deceive God's angels is great, his ability to deceive man just as powerful. He remains behind every struggle and change of the world. His wrath only increases every moment as these last days are fulfilled and completed. He won't stop. His future has been determined. He relies on the lies he speaks, contrary to the Word and Truth of God. As God's enemy, he knows the best way to hurt God is to lay waste to his creation, man.

Satan can only be a threat when we refuse to rightly divide God's truth the Bible. We can not take it lightly that the enemy of God has literally convinced billions to go to hell with him. A relentless foe. His targets are strategic. A Christian's joy, his faith, his calling, his closest.

Contending for our lost loved ones is moment by moment, day by day. Our scriptures should be ever before our eyes. We should be in worship. We should be in praise. We should be in communion with God. Our lives should be light which can deflect the enemy in his pursuit of those around us, those closest.


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