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The female Cancer Personality

Updated on December 25, 2010

You have more desires, cravings and wishes than you or anyone else knows what to do with. You are a moon child who wears her moods on her sleeve along with a lot of wishful thinking but basically you are the kind of person whom everyone needs to know and experience. You have a delightful way of anticipating somebody else's needs before they happen and of offering your help.

Because of your super-sensitive nature, you are a lot more vulnerable than the average person. Be careful where you place your sympathies - it doesn't take much for others to begin to take you for granted. You need a lot of love to keep you happy and are prepared to give back more than your share in return. You are a highly sentimental woman who is happiest when being sought after and catered for. In turn, you love to nurture - you have probably never had a plant that drooped, died or contracted a strange disease.

You crave constant reassurance that you are loved, wanted and appreciated. In general, you are a romantic who cries at weddings, late-night movies and memorable moments. The problems in your life often assume the proportions you have witnessed on the screen or stage. You spend a great deal of time seeking roots in places and people outside yourself. Likewise you give others far more power than you would ever allow for yourself. Despite your fears, you can endure any storm. When responsible for anyone else you can be a formidable attention- getter and will fight hard for what you want.

You are your own worst enemy, always at the mercy of your moods. You are filled with insecurities and live your life on the defensive. You overcompensate with masochistic fantasies and throw yourself into self-created dramas which pit you against the world. Surprisingly enough, on the days when you feel I!l0re irritable than melancholic, you may massacre somebody else's feelings with a savage remark. This is displaced anger at work.

It is quite likely that you are repressing the anger you feel because somebody told you last week that your new hairstyle didn't suit you. When really provoked, your temper tantrums tempt others to give you anything just to get some peace and quiet. Too often you become enslaved in situations in which the human warmth and compassion barely live up to that of a prison.

When you tenaciously clutch at what is worth something to you without considering what you are really doing to yourself, you create an unfortunate personal situation that it may take years to rectify. Try to remember that it is important to learn to stand on your own two feet.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My zo0diac sign s also cancer nd i like my uniqueness,,,my best frnd is picses nd she understands me

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      ewww this is an unflattering description of Cancer women!


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