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The female Sagittarius Personality

Updated on December 25, 2010

You are an intelligent and unforgettable character. You don't demand attention - you just draw it to you unintentionally. Your sense of humour makes you a welcome addition to any social situation and your good nature gives you a following of friends who constantly fight for your company. Nevertheless you are independent and do as you please without feeling you have to answer to anybody. You rebel quite strongly against possessive persons and pattern your life according to your own rules and regulations.

Your interests are so varied and consuming that you really don't have time for idle chatter - in fact you perpetually wonder where the time goes. That is because there are so many things you want to do and so little time in which to do them. You believe in self-improvement: you love life, loathe pessimistic people and righteously embrace the optimistic philosophy that 'everything is always for the best in the end'. You are optimistic, ever cheerful and staunchly selfsufficient. (If you insist on leaping off in adventurous and exciting new directions without considering the problems which might occur, then you will definitely need these qualities.)

You are attracted to new environments, change and challenge - they make the blood course through your veins. You possess a strong sense of justice, and are guided by a lofty personal ethic. You are highly intelligent and an open-hearted friend. What else would we expect of a person whose mission in life is to help others, and one who expects to be accepted, believed and trusted?

There isn't such a thing as a really sinful Sagittarian. Members of this sign all have a lovable side to them. You are devoid of any kind of malice aforethought and the more miserable individuals in life probably mistake you for someone insipid because you smile or laugh all the time.

Disorganization could be a pitfall, but then again is any real harm done by keeping your income tax receipts in the freezer (especially if you like a tipple from time to time) and who can blame you for putting your plane ticket in your medicine chest? After all, you have got to look at it every time you use your eye drops. The problem with your rather unusual habit of putting important things in so-called safe places is that some of the places are so safe that you never


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    • profile image

      aiman 3 years ago

      Yes I like is prsnlty

    • profile image

      Tiff any 4 years ago

      Exactl me

    • profile image

      chowa 4 years ago

      ya i'm quite agree with it. But i'm not so wild like written here.

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      shakira mirza 4 years ago

      prediction for 2014 regarding love life & career & finances